Sunday, January 28, 2007

Perspective or "Per spectrum"

The word PERSPECTIVE has his provenance from the "latein" word "Per spectrum" (engl; for the observer / public or SPECTATOR - even public as viewer) . And this little word was the these for my diplom work at the academy of fine arts in Sarajevo.

The painting on the right side is not from this period. It is a painting I just started and it is a WORK IN PROGRESS - or we could say this work has his perspective to be finished. Today we could say that this work is Picasso - like, or we could treat it like shit and like what the hoi polloi love to say about contemporary art :" is like the fairytale from Hans Christian Anderson The Emperor's New Clothes...", but today you are free to think and to say what you think - so I am also free to make every kind of art I want.


The people have depand of region where they live different point of view, diverse culture and also variable understanding of "what is good, what is beautyful - even what is art". We could say depand where one art-work is made and WHEN it will become a symbol for so many several points of view!

Imagine that Michelangelo has made his David (the great symbol of the indipendent Florence - the emblem for a Staate, the tag for an epoche) not on the beginning of the 16th century. What for would David implies if Michelangelo has made him 500 years later like some scenography sculpture for the movie Sin City? Would David be the same symbol if he would be a god sculpture in the city of Gomorrah in the period of Noah when : "For the sins of their inhabitants Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, and Zeboim were destroyed by "brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven"...? Would it be the emblem of a revolution, of beeing proud, of freedom and indipendens? Probably the perspective of this work would change like the meaning of all my works change from day to day, from minute to minute, from moment to moment - or should I say from happening to happening. Do you think a video-art with a bird has the same meaning 10 years ago like today or few months ago when the bird-flow was really actual?

*I will publish my diplom work with more comperations between Michelangelo, Picasso, new new world and myself on my new website before the 10th.03.2007


sd2350385 said...

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Dzenan said...

Sorry dude but I already have the best browser in the world - together with the best op-system in the world - my linux (open suse 10.2 or also very good fedora core 6)

You can dowload both very easy. I hope you may want to ry. thank you :)

Anonymous said...

I just looked at your new post and your comments and I have the sd235...shit too :(
But I like your answer (of course you know that sd23...shit is not really a human???)

However - do you really think that David would be the same in an other time (I think that Michelangelo would change with time, so the Sin City David would look very different)
P.S. A David in Sin City :) cool

Dzenan said...

@ Anonymous : :) I know that sd23.. could be a spam-bot but still I feel better

And wow - that s my new blogrecord - 10 minutes after my post the first serious comment...

The question is the perspective of a work and of course would David look probably different in Sin City than in Florence around 1500, but this is secondare. The primare idea is the point of view at one art-work
Question: "What wanted Michelangelo to say with his gigant??" It´s not E=MC2, so it is stupid to expect from million of students in the world to believe what some people during the history think what wanted Michelangelo "EXACTLY" to say!!!

andrej said...

i guess that i would translate the classic meaning of "perspective" to "context" nowadays. an old statue of course has a different "expression" when it is in a different surrounding. having an obelisk at the place de la concorde at paris looks different than having the same obelisk at some soviet-russian (or any other tolitarian system)/northkorean/whatsoever place (like elizabeth already wrote).

i guess it is not possible anymore to create art based on the same surroundings as 500 years ago, because society and times have totally changed. however, some basic motivations, like love, will never change and can always be the reason to create an artwork that perhaps would have been the same 500 years ago when having thought the same thoughts.
it really depends on the motivations of the artist, if it is an internal one like love then i guess it is possible, if there are many external factors like society or buildings, then it will become harder.

i've been wondering for years if we can only the masters with regard to music. now that we have more than 40 years of synthesizer music, techno, punk, hiphop, will there be anything new that will NOT be a merge of several styles? i mean, something truely new? nowadays every possible sound can be produced, thanks to computers, but wouldn't it need to have a radical change of harmony expectations ("harmony" in a strict music context - you know that a tritonus is the most dissonant intervall that our western music system with 12 sounds in an octave has), at least for the western culture? the only future i can currently see is merging (western) music styles with different harmony concepts from turkey, india, whatsoever, or to come up with new scale systems and concepts like arnold schönberg did with 12-tone music, or the pentatonic scale at the end of the 18th century.

i don't know much about art i guess, so i rant on music. the revolution will be digitized, my best wishes, les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés,


andrej said...

damnit. 19th century that should have been, not 18th.

MILVUS said...

Did you know that Michelangelo had actually to cut of the size of the Davids cock, because of those fuckin' puritanistic...
You can see the reproduction (vulgarisation) of the David at the Prado beach Marseille.
Once somebody told me:
-I think that you should see a bit of Davids ass.
Concerning the Merseille reproduction, it was vandalised by the puritans fifteen times, and each time the target was the famous and prestigious Davids COCK,heheh.

Concerning your SMS Elisabeth:

Dzenan said...

@ andrej ... hmmm maybe if we found new wayt to make sounds (new instruments) or like the people making music with garbage???

And when I wrote about David - it s not only the location who dirigate the meaning, it s the time (the situation, happanings and the critical point of view) - is the public happy or sad and what is happaning around them???

And Milvus - are you a little bit stone???
I mean Davids cock... - Did you know that for some womans on our planet David was the symbol for the sexualism - so with this fact we could look at David like a gigant Penis and this is the YES reponse for my these about how different views people have when they look at art. And now say me that anything we read in our historybooks is real???

Marie said...

Quelle peinture psychédellique!! Je trouve qu'elle tient beaucoup plus de Klimt ou de Léger que de Picasso!!
Pour ce qui est de David, je ne comprend pas en quoi notre vision actuelle peut être à côté de la plaque! Comme beaucoup d'oeuvres, elle est belle, car elle prend sens dans un temps/espace infini. C'est plus une expérience: représentation d'une énergie impossible à contenir (ce qui est l'essence même de la sculpture). En fait, chaque expérience artistique est un peu comme une première leçon de nage. On s'en fous du comment et du pourquoi! On ne devrait même pas y penser. C'est juste du vécu.
(eh eh! oui! un ptit commentaire de Marie! Profites-en, c'est rare! ... c'est surtout que je n'arrive pas à dormir!) ;)

MILVUS said...

History is history,and it belongs to the daead, w live in the present where David is a fucin instution of every kind of conventionl ART aproach listen i'll wright a critic on my blog about the Dave and try to see where that fucker is right now at this moment.
Concerning weamen,well, only a woman can know if DAVE can make her sweat in her undrwear or ...

MILVUS said...

Sorry but i have to deal on your blog a personal matter with ELISABETH. do not delete the message PLEASE.


jamie said...

WOW - I missed a real discussion :)
Dude I will come back later and let you my first serious comment.

And andrej I agree with you!

Anonymous said...

andrej - I love music and I am sure that some day there will be something completly new, I just hope it will be before we die :)
But im asure one day it will be!

Also there will be new master pieces, not only copys of master pieces :)

Elisabeth said...

David est un chef-d'œuvre de la sculpture de la Renaissance, et l'une des deux plus grandes sculptures entreprises par Michel-Ange entre 1501 et 1504, avec la Pietà. Ses 4.34 mètres de hauteur représentent le roi David au moment de sa victoire contre Goliath. Considéré comme un symbole de Florence en tant que Cité-État, menacée de tous les côtés par états rivaux puissante, cette interprétation est accentuée par l'emplacement d'une de ses répliques devant le Palazzo Vecchio, siège municipal de Florence. La sculpture à l'état fini a été dévoilée le 8 septembre 1504 Beaucoup de chercheurs racontent que Léonard de Vinci aurait été pris comme modèle.

About what you say "Imagine that Michelangelo has made his David (the great symbol of the indipendent Florence - the emblem for a Staate, the tag for an epoche) not on the beginning of the 16th century. What for would David implies if Michelangelo has made him 500 years later like some scenography sculpture for the movie Sin City?" it's just impossible and it wouldn't make sense. Such a work couldn't be created today because our culture, our way of thinking is too different.

We can only try to copy the Masters.

Dzenan said...

"We can only try to copy the Masters"

Perugino has said similar SHIT to Michelangelo when he started to make his painting in the "Signoria" (the second wall - the first has made Leonardo.

If we only copy the masters, than the art would be already death. Why all art-historial want alllllways to kill art???

Sorry Ace but first you have passed by the subject - the question is not if Michelangelo would make his David today - it s more the imagination would David bee the same. So do we really understand what Michelangelo wanted to say???
We can t!!!
And especially not the art historian that want to kill the art!

When Michelangelo has made his David he was not copying Donatello,
J.L.David with his painting "Heracles" was not copying Fidies "Fries" on Partenon (the reliefs around), and what s with the impressssionist, with Picasso, Christo, Vazulkas or Goldsworthy??? Are they not made their own Davids, Pietas and new art in their time???

Sorry but I do not agree with you ;)

Dzenan said...

And Sorry again elisabeth but like you see You can delete your comment on my blog but he will be automaticlly reuploaded and than I have to delete my comment (that I have recomment on your comment) so that he can be reuploaded.

I don t understand you! Why you have delete your comment and why you have comment if you delete it 2 days later??? If you do things like this than my comment look like very stupid - if I were answering to myself and that sucks!

So for my revange I just have deleted few comment on your blog that I wrote before and I have turn of my reuploader for you so if you want you can now delete all comments that you ever wrote (only not the last one) and they won t be reuploaded...cheers

@ anonymous and jamie

thanx guys for commenting my blog and I am very glad to discuss with you and I like the idea of new way to make music (hmmm how could it be, new instruments - but this wouldn t bee really new??) or?

MILVUS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MILVUS said...

new article on DAVID on

Dzenan said...

already check out and commented ;)

magdalene-sophie said...

hahahaha! i've been missing out.. :)
just reading the little 'scandal' going on here in this commenting space.. so funny *wink*

anyway, Dz, your paintings are great! they are so..Piccaso-like.. :)

not writing poems anymore? :)

Elisabeth said...

nothing new since 28th january? what's wrong i don't recognize you!

Anonymous said...

Hi how are you,
(kako si mi Dzeno),hej visit my blogg,Selma

Dzenan said...

@ MS - I do write poems and just uploadet two (one in French) :)

@ Ace - Hey I am working on my web-site and I have upload my poetry blog :P

Damien Castel said...