Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Brilliant mind o7

Leonardo da Vinci was a great man, a very good artist, a brilliant engineer, but he was also a man with very strange way of thinking. Why I am writing about Leonardo da Vinci? Am I comparing myself with him?

I am writing about him because I just read again his notebooks, witch he kept like daily notes, where he wrote a lot of interesting things but also a lot of very strange ideas. And no I do not compare myself with death people, even if this people were genies.

In his notes he has some points about the different between a sculptor and a painter. And there is very often the question who is better? The sculptor or the painter? I would really like to know where they found so many arguments pro and contra and WHY?

Here an example:

- the sculpture is better because it s more strong and it is not so fragile like a painting. The answer is simple: it is because of the material not because of the artist. The sculpture is more difficult because if you make a fault in stone you cannot repair it (repaint it) like in paintings. The response is that a good artist does not make faults and if he makes damages to his sculpture the error is in his head and this you really cannot repair very easy but it is not a question of who is better... and they continued like this over 12 pages.

But why and what I want to reveal with my text?

First I am very happy that I am not born in the XVI century, because I would be burned with my ideology. Second why should I compare sculpture with painting? If you are really a good artist you will maybe paint over your sculpture or you will modulate your frame to complete your painting.Or you will do both. Also the rules for one of this discipline is different than the other - it is like sport to compare basketball with ice-hokey, why should we do this - if you are a multitalented you are good in both or you will make one than after 20 years the second or just one, but why the humans have always this need to compare things?

• How was it before 20 years - better, bad?

• Who is smarter - female vs. male?

• What is better - chocolate or vanilla?

Why? First before 20 years it was different and for some people better, for others very bad, still we live today!!! Second, hey I am smarter than 20 000 women, but there are other 20 000 smarter than me and why should I care how smart 40 000 women are that I don't know??? And I prefer vanilla and it is just a question of taste and nothing else. We love to make our lives complicated and so the philosophy and the artist have to become very confusing parts of our live.
And what I want to reveal or say with the part about Leonardo?

I am sure that he just want to practice his left hand writing like I do and sometimes your concentration is so focused on the writing with the other hand that you just write thing about anything that has nerve you in your live. Once I wrote: "Design and performance are not art. Performance is just a moment not good enough for theater and design is just technique and no art", but I do not think like this. I do by myself sometime design and I every time realized how great some people design their stuff and that I have to learn a lot of about it - the question is not how to make it, it is about the place where to put some elements and the combination of layers and color. Than there was also performance. I know some very interesting performance artist - very young but I think that this 2 mans could and will be some days in our history books if they continued with the same quality like until today. One is Ervin Babic from Croatia / Dubrovnik (living at the moment in Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina ) and the other is Milan Tutunovic from Serbia / Belgrade (living at the moment in Montpellier in France ). Guys I wish you the best and keep going on - I believe in you.

And Leonardo -I am sorry but an artist that really ask himself what is better - sculpture or painting… I just can say 2 people are 2 different worlds!

2 = eternity


jamie said...

Hey - very long story ;)
but I think U R right.
2 = eternety

Andy said...

I found some good reports about Ervin Babic on Google but could you send me some infos? I have send you an e-mail - subject is Ervin Babic.

dzennan said...

J - thanx

A - I just send you his e-mail add, so ask him ;)

andy said...

Thank you