Monday, January 08, 2007

L.A. Woman

During making this sculpture I ve listen to the doors - the song L.A. Woman - that is why the name of the sculpture is L.A. Woman and I ve make (draw with some machines) a face with a microphone (It is not a penis!!!). The thematic is mostly different, but I am sure that the last sculpture in this cycle will be again a face!

*Sculpture dedicated to Katja Hunning


jamie said...

Who is Katja?? and Dude the link to Katja s not working :(

P.S. It is a really great work piece, and the name? Is it because you ve listen to the Doors during the progress?

Dzenan said...

It works now - thanx J :)
She s a very good friend and cute too and she has the name of my first love I ever had :) It was not a happy lovely end or even beginning but her name was Katja too (Goeldner not Hunning) - I was in love (roses, love letters..etc she not (hihih) and now she s married and has born her second child;
and YES I listen to the doors all time long ;)

Martin said...

oh man. is it a penis to the left?

im again n again stunned how much really great sculptures n drawings n paintings you produce all the time. seriously, its amaizing..

Dzenan said...

Thanx and please - "PENIS" !!!!! Oh my god, you live with a girl and the first assotiation on my sculpture is a penis??? :)

Martin, Martin!?!