Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Indian blues

I just finished this painting "Indian blues" and I want to rewrite down what I felt during the working progress and why I made this autoportrait of me :

The airport terminal B72 somwhere in the southern France was waiting for me, the wind blows strong, the train-station is closed and I have to stay few nights in Marseille. I was searching for some free rooms in the high season, but my views were like dismal outlook.
So I took a look around, see which way the wind blow and I know it is not the way to the girls in their bungalows :)

Than I saw her...
I see her hair is burnin' and the hills are filled with fire. I never saw a woman like her, fill with pain and desire..

So I took the ride, the wild fire in her desire, I felt the rising, the emotion so amazing, the monitor lizard on my back and her cold hand on my neck. The next few days I stayed at her place and the only thing I saw was her face. I have never know her name or where she is from! She could be
a lucky little lady in The City of Light, she could be my futured Bright, she could, but I just took a powder and than I was gone. She lagged somewhere behind without knowing my name or where I was from, even where I will go. One second during this time I felt that I never saw a woman like her, fill with pain and desire with the hair burnin' and the hills filled with fire and in this second I just looked like on my painting called "Indian blues" staying in front of her and I am sure that she just saw me like this when she looked at me staying there in her room.

*Indian blues" will be one of few paintings in mixed media on the theme "the risin` days before Avignon 2005"


jamie said...

wow - is the story real?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dzennan
I have seen Your works long time ago, also Your poems and I liked it very, very much. I am coming from Barcelona and I want to say you THANK YOU VERY MUCH because when I have seen Your works I ahve start to make art again.

You are like the new Picasso !!!

Thank You very much
P.S. I want to stay anonymous - I have my reasons :) - hope You understand and keep going on!

Andy said...

Hi I just want to say that I do not like your painting like your sculptures!!!!

Elisabeth said...

Hi my comment is : another travel into Dzenan's mind.

andre said...

i just want to say that i just want to say: hey, hey!

Dzenan said...

@ j - YES
@ anonymous - Thank you for the lovely comment :)

@ andy - Not only you ;) but I will never stop to do all

@ Elisa - my mind is a combination of tv-film-caracters Hannibal Lecter, Don Huan de Marco, John Wilmot - the second Earl of Rochester, Jack Sperrow and Pippi Longstocking, but the most time I am like Garfild the cat...

@ ak - Hey hey

MILVUS said...

Hmm, not so bad my boy, indead not so bad. Have'nt seen ya in a while. See ya soon inough,and do not flater yourself so much when you describe yourself, specially when you compare yourself with Juan de Marco or even more Hannibal, heheh. Anyways it is funny.

Dzenan said...

Thank you Mr. Milenko for this comment and should this mean that you are alive again ???