Tuesday, January 09, 2007

In the woods of Bosnia

One sculpture left. The “ash-girl” or “Mea culpa!” is the 11th sculpture in the cycle “in the woods of Bosnia” that I finished today. Every sculpture symbolize also a month in the 12 months cycle. Here is a photo from the “Mea culpa!” and an other one with all 11 sculptures.

All sculptures from this period are made with the same technique and with the same tools. And during this time I read “the notes from Leonardo da Vinci” and what the “Maestors said about art” from A.Gruber & A.Sidorova.

There they collected parts from different notes, letters and writings from a lot of artist from the period around 1500-1600 like what wrote Michelangelo to the pope or what thought Rafaello about Wall painting. And now I can say that this books has some influence in my work especially during the progress of this cycle.

But the inspiration was Jim Morrison and the doors!!!


jamie said...

The two pieces on the right r the best for my taste!!

Dzenan said...

:) I like them all :)

magdalene-sophie said...

The beauty of handcrafted items does not lie in the outer edges, but in the sincerity of the hands :)

Dzenan said...

hmmm, probably you are right!

jamie said...

Making food, 2 :)