Wednesday, August 19, 2009



My favorite tools: In the physical way there is my grinding machine and my bits (auger drills) but in other ways I like “momentum” in expression as a tool.

My favorite material:

I actually do not have a favorite material, because sometimes I need to express myself in clay, sometimes with oil-colors, sometimes with any sort of different media…

What do I do:

The best about my work is that my pattern is the experimental way, so I actually cannot say that my next work will be a sculpture, a video or a drawing. It always depend on the moment, the place where I am, the people that have surround me during the day and so go on…

A piece have turned out very well:

It is actually very difficult to say that a piece have turned very well, but we (the artist) do it sometimes, or we don’t do it never. I see myself in the group of those who say sometimes for their own work that it has turned very well, but this does not mean that I am completely satisfied, it is just this little moment before continuing with all the other works… Because we cannot afford to like our work so much, that we stop trying to be better than at this very moment…

The differents between what I do and what I was taught:

I do not do just like I was taught, because this would mean reproduction and recreation over and over. Every artist who evaluate try to harvest from his experience, but to introduce something own in every next project without just copying himself or his teachers!

When I work with some materials I am mostly reminded of nothing in particular, because mostly I have an idea and I just work on it without thinking to much about it, because more I think about it, the more some thought of great artist influence me and my work – sometimes this is necessary, but sometimes not. I begin a piece simply by starting the first lines, by beginning it…

I know a piece is done when I know it is finished, and mostly I do know it, still sometimes it happens – a work overdone and than it just don’t feel mine any-more…So what to do: “When the vine is sour, throw the vine out!”

I love it when a work goes well, it makes me feel happy and I gather a lot of motivation to continue to work, but when a work goes bad I need a day of break to became really angry about it and to want to do it the best that is possible.

When people see my work I would like them to enjoy it, not to like it, neither to be scared of, nor to understand it, because in my works anyone can see whatever she/he wants to see. Because I don’t see my work I feel it!

What do I try to avoid:

If I ever kill myself by kicking with my head a wall in a gallery or a museum I do not want people to think that it was a performance and the blood on that very wall to be understood as an artwork... I try to avoid the theory of “emperors new clothes” by not explaining my work with some suicide, foolish and philosophical - abstract theories... If you do not like it you are not stupid, nor a liar, my works simply not satisfied your taste and that is all.

And finally – MYSELF!!!

On the internet and in so many “how to” books you can find an explanation where is written – described how to write a statement... I have tried to avoid them, too. I want not to write a manifest about art, artist or myself, but to explain few details about me and how I think about what I do...

What is real is real, what is illusion it has to be discovered... Tragedy, a funny thing that happened only to other people! And only to others!

I see myself like this - a work under construction, a bundle of contradictions and human...



andre klapper said...

Thanks. A pleasure to read.

Dzenan said...

thank you very much :)