Sunday, January 14, 2007

The LAST and the FINAL work

A shy friend of mine from Tokyo comment my blog very nicely (THANK YOU T.) but via e-mail and not in the comment area, so for my last work from the cycles "The woods of Bosnia" and the big final work I made today I just wanted to paste her words.

"Anyway I still have impression that your best material should be stone and we can feel a piece of YOU from stone sculptures best - I haven't seen you making artworks in front of me, but I think I can imagine with NO difficulty you making sculptures, but imagine you painting with a bit of other thoughts (worldly thoughts). It's really beautiful and touching to see an artist (or anybody maybe) making works or artworks instinctively or without any thoughts, maybe like Michelangelo who didn't MAKE sculptures but just freed a figure out of a mass of stone..."

On the left side is the last work of my cycle and right is the final work with some details and again the last work (in the right corner). The final work is called "between the borders" and it is the apsolute derived knowledge and experience that I collected during the period of growing with my art-works and I learned to treasure it and to integrate it in my life. I have start to close some circles and the final work is the "resume" and the road section from the beginning to the end of the last cycle "The woods of Bosnia".


jamie said...

Dude this work is big! HOw long do you need for a work like this one? And your shy friend email you and you reply??? OK that s cool, so this will be my last comment I will email you, 2!


Dzenan said...


"macker" why???
And for this work I ve need one day - but all day long :)

Anonymous said...

I lookd at your photos and I cannot understand you. Some works are not so bad.But the most is very, very, very, very, very bad, man. Why you don´t stop playing artist and try to do something else? Try to be a barman or a cowboy with your hat :)
I think it would be better for you and us (than we wouldnot need to look at your ugly crap and you would not use the internet space for this shit)!

Dzenan said...

@ anonymous: You must be very yound and very naive. You do not have any clou about art and if you think you have than you would not comment as anonymous.But if you still means that you know anything about art, artist and history than take a better look at my hat - maybe your knowledge is enaugh to know anything about this hat! If you don´t like what I do - hey you do not have to look at it :)
About the worl wide web and the w2 and also the space in internet is your knowledge also very, very, very narrow (limited) otherwise you would not write about vasting the space in internet or you just try to be funny (or to imitate the british kind of sarcastic humor), but sorry mate to say this but I hope you are not a comedian or even writer or art historian because you would fatal decline in your life. But if you only try to hog the limelight - than I will only give it to you in this few lines and never again.
So, do not be a little, scary pu**y and if you comment than write your name or die like the other unknown nobodieees :P
Without any respect and not yours
Dzenan the great ARTIST!