Monday, January 08, 2007

cycle "in the woods of Bosnia"

The stockade place where my cycle is right now.

Close in the brain, prisoner of my own heart, hold in one body, hatched in bones with feeling and wish this painfully wish to touch the sun just once. My fatherland was the heaven, the paradise was in the mothers secured castle – the stomach. And now, naked – without weapons, close in this one mind, in this one brain with the dream of being two, with the dream of receiving back the heaven – the security – the freedom we have lost, the life we have received. And once when we give up the life (or when we lose it – or when the life give up us) we will be free again in this circle of being what we are – pure energy, light and dark, move and bee, two become one, one become ten thousand to be one again. This is the story of my sculpture cycles “in the woods of Bosnia” and the next two artworks are “the L.A. Woman” and “close in love”. Very soon I will finish my cycle of wooden sculptures.


jamie said...

It looks like in my kitchen ;)

Dzenan said...

I hope you make jokes!!! because it s very very very very dirty!!! and IF I REMEMBAR WELL you was a freak about hygiene and cleaning, cleaning, clean.... or?!?