Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

ambassadors lounge

It is almost 7 AM - boarding time, fist class, place number 3 at the flight to the beautiful city of Vienna. Today you do not have quite much companies that are not in some alliance with some others. So my Lufthansa was actually a Tyrolean flight, the stuff beautiful as always  and the uniforms as usual not fit to the stuff, so it looked quite disturbing. But who cares, we spend some hours together and that is all.
Normally I do not fly first class nor with the ambassadors badge but this time I do. So at 7:30AM the fly begins, breakfast for the first class - salad with eggs and corn. Second class - just a small cake that actually looked better than my fancy salad and who actually eats salad for breakfast? And than they brought me some bubble water also called champagne but at almost 8AM ??? We were 3 people in the first class and I was the only one not drinking my bubbles - okay maybe the other two started the day like 5-6 hours before me, I was to shy to ask.

Ambassadors lounge - it is actually a dark and at the same time shiny bar with great chairs and strange decoration. I took a pastiche tea - what a mistake - the last time I tried in some airport bar a tomato orange juice with campari (that was just scary).

So I write this since I have to kill 3 hours and here I have free wifi so I bother my friend on Fb and per mail and you guys the few who bother to read my blog. Maybe one day I will write again smart stuff but at the moment I got to the age where I start to go back and become a child again. So what I will do next is dancing in this ambassadors lounge listening to the song happy from Pharrell Williams and it will be funny to sea the reaction of the seniors around me - who knows maybe they will try to trow me out, but there is not one NO DANCING sign... We will see,
greeting from Vienna

your Wiz of AV

Monday, November 10, 2014

very cool - very happy - very crazy people

very shiny people, very dancy people, people who never sleep, have fun, move like the wind, very water alike people, very of any or everything people, very stylish people, very best of the best people, very today s people, very fashion people, very intelligent people, very romantic people, very lucky people...


very computer alike people!

you are all of that - you just need the right plug-in and the right software update (in the human case the hardware update cost to much), but what do I know. I am just one of the every s day people standing somewhere under the highest waterfall in Europe near Sarajevo and it is not a selfie - when I took this once upon a time the selfies did not exist yet...


Monday, October 27, 2014

A puzzle and the hipster pseudo coca-cola take 2

A puzzle is just one piece devise in more than one pieces and once fit together it will show us an image - an answer - a solution - or the end of a crime movie. The bottle of hipster pseudo coca-cola was quite a puzzle. It did look like the original, the brand, the almost first one ;) if you get my point. It smelled different, It tasted funny, but still it looked quite very much as the very known product colored in red and white. So I did what I always do - I compare the what kind of stuff is inside, still the same question  - what is the missing piece of the puzzle?

Once a 2D puzzle is finished you can glue it together and frame it and put it on your wall,
once a crime puzzle is solved you can write a book about it or make a movie,
but once the puzzle between the real and the imitation is (let me say) closed you still have the big question in front of you - even more than one:
1. which one is the real
2. the most important - which do you prefer…

To be clear, on here I do not care about any kind of drinks except the one I love to drink, but a drink is like the life - means - you drink it and it takes it’s effect, or you drink it and try to solve the mystery how it is made and here we go with the puzzle and with the life again. The bottle of hipster pseudo coca-cola was quite interesting and I will continue to use it since I liked it and since it is 3 times cheaper than the pseudo « original » - maybe it is made from the same factory for people like me :)

cheers and this time not quite about art (again).
your wizard of Avignon…

Friday, October 24, 2014

Schrödinger's cat i

Like the legend of the phoenix - one of phrases of Daft Punk (not only them).
How deep can we fall and why is falling deep always negative? why do we have this perception about what is positive and what not - falling down (negative - because we can heart us, even die), standing up (positive - because we are now up) - what a bullshit - it is like mind washed - you are down, so you loose, you are hight, so you win.
First of all you cannot reach the bottom - to put it that way if there is a bottom, it is death and when you die you have reached it. If you are a believer in anything there is no bottom, death is just a some kind of rebirth, resurrection, transformation, a continuation and that is all. When you are rejected by everyone you might say I got to the bottom or when your only friends are the people serving you whatever you take at all costs you can say you have reached the bottom - but do you know what - you have not.

I refuse this kind of lebeling. There are so many words that describe a situation and Daft Punk describes it very well:

So like the legend of the Fenix, All ends with beginnings. The most difficult part is to reach that point and start over - means to realize it and to take action.

Life is same as art - you cannot reach the bottom, sometimes you are just not aware how much you suck at it. The good thing is that once you get aware of what you do, you get to the point where is not important what others think about your art or your life. The secret of all success is to reach out to the right people. Unfortunately this does not count for the real stuff as being ill, injured, loooooosing someone and so on. I talk/write about the time when we are WE, GOOD, OURSELVES and with our so pretend problems ;)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

hipster pseudo coca-cola

A bottle of hipster pseudo coca-cola in front of me - do I still think about art? The real question is do I really want to drink this? In blog posts, podcasts, radio shows, tv shows, books (nice to finish with the books), or whatever else we share, publish and so on WE the authors decide what it has to be, with or without influence. No-one is ever objective. No-one!!!!! And Never!!!! Yes we can (pretend) but otherwise everything we say or do or judge is subjective even if we have got to the point to believe that we are objective - sorry to say this but we are not and that is because we are people. We can be professional but it does not mean 100% objective… The most of everything WE publish is about us, our impression, our opinion, our whatever else - or what we have seen, experienced or what we want to…bla bla bla not to continue in endless about the "we" and the "our"… if you got so far to read all way long you probably got my point. So why am I completely different from all the others? It is quite simple - actually I am not at all. The only small little difference is that I am aware of being not the one, important or whatever subject-person here and-or today. But the real and very important question still remains - should I or should I not drink this hipster pseudo coca-cola drink? Hmmm…. Let’s say to be continued!
your wizard of Avignon…

Saturday, October 04, 2014

63% of the battery

63% of the battery on my macbook pro, hmmm and I am listening to some strange music, probably I should change it.  « Done » like Mr.Gordon Ramsay would say. At least one thing I did today, if you get what I want to say. But it is almost 6AM so I have the day let us say in front of me. My hands are a little bit shaking but the coffee has not yet takes it’s effects and I am also tipping on a French keyboard. What do you do at 6AM except of sleeping, exercising or drinking or watching TV?

In the last time I think more about art than I ever did. I do quite less art myself, but I gain my living with conservation of artworks and writing books. Have to do podcast again as well. On a French keyboard it is difficult to write and look at the screen at the same time, even to use all of your fingers - have to get used to it I guess… So I think art - not only contemporary artworks - all art all the time is still I think a question of perception. The most of the people I know if they  do not understand or recognize something it is not art. So if we would be all like « them » the art would be cows, buildings and nature, maybe flowers or naked people and so on (a pipe) :) . But like always the art hat to evaluate and even if we do not understand it at first we have to take a closer look. If you understand what I am talking about continue to read otherwise do not waste your time and go otherwise (quite arrogant to say but if you think about it it is truth)

Art has changed
Art change all the time and we never get used to it.
Art is also sometimes bullshit and it is to « some of you » to make the difference between what is actually worth to see and what is just the Emperor's New Clothes. As Kimya Dawson would say: « We would not stop until someone call the cops and even than we will start again and just pretending that nothing ever happened » So THE art is like that and it is quite simple - the artist have an idea, he/she try to realize it as best he/she or she/he (however) can and you have to try to get it and that is all, but as you are influent by the media, by your friends, next to, the music you listen to, your education…etc… by everything to get it short, you have to try to filter out all the influence and to try to see what was the influence for the artist and to get actually what he/she want to tell you with the piece - so in the end art is and has always be about perception. But everything in the end is a question of perception - the person you met for the first time, the food you try for the first time, the artwork you see for the first time - you get the point I guess.

If I would be a philosopher (and I am surely not) I would not be a materialist, neither a idealist but a « perceptionist » I guess. And speaking of me, what makes me different from other people is actually exactly that - nothing. We have other, similar or same perceptions and ideas about everything - otherwise we are all (no exceptions) the same - we eat, drink, sleep, have been born, « think » / feel and die - except of the part with thinking / feeling  we are like a water heating boiler (water goes in, it heats and it goes out, until it stop working). So why is it important to make art, to express ourselves and to get most of the time just bad feedback and sometimes a good one? Probably because that is what makes the difference between the boiler and a human, but to be honest the most of us remains more boilers than humans and I say this because I have listened to many comments at, on and about quite thousand of exhibitions from people just not getting anything. Do not get me wrong, there are a million artist and people I do not like - but it is not about liking - it is about the respect for their work and the most difficult difference is to filter out the posers and fake from the real artist. To close this long thought of nothingness - it is up to your perception to get it or not, but try not to be disrespectful even if you do not understand or like something - not only art.
your wizard of Avignon…

Thursday, October 02, 2014

About Life

happy after ever - life is as simple to made as a cake
just ass a lot of chockolade in it ;)

Monday, September 29, 2014

the Madiran effect

The Madiran wine is produced around the village of Madiran in Gascony (you know Gascony because the ugly poet with the big nose comes from there - Cyrano de Bergerac - also known under his real name and with a smaller nose Hercule-Savinien Cyrano de Bergerac - just "wikipedia" it)...

So what is the Madiran effect and why is it there?
It is hard to say it ;) but I have to say it (like Sting) it is probably me (to say it). 
In a strange country,
There is no labels to put on,
In an ordinary country,
it is not only me,
but I need someone to set me free,
like I want to be,
as jazzy and it makes no sense,
but I had to say it,
open mind and no defense,
but I have to say it,
it is just probably me 
and of course some of the Madiran effect and some Sting...

Me against the universe

Me against the world (2Pac song) - I did 2 posts on it... Me against the universe is something new. at the moment I am like a black hole (even if they say "today" black holes do not exist or something like that) - so I am like on of these fellows who travel around somewhere and suck everything in. Do not worry it is just a speech or a telling, what I mean is the news, the media, the Fbook, the real world and so on - I suck every information and I have the big problem that actually I can not do just listen (one ear in - the other out), my brain want to think about everything and that is quite boring and it takes me a lot of energy.
So there are few solutions - if we take out alcohols, drugs and whatever, there are just few left - meditation, sport, hmmm (who knows) and gardening.
so to beat the universe I do some meditation, some sport (not a lot - once a while), some gardening, some private stuff ;), some chatting with the people I know and some alcohol and it work sometimes.
In the end the universe is almost always the winner...So what to do?
Try to understand?
I just go with it and to lose against the universe it is not so bad, since in the real world of today I almost never lose ;)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Got it

I am thinking of writing little bit more - let us say again. Since my first post on blogger there are few things that have change, or let us say quite a lot of things :
- I got weight (loose some and still loosing it)
- I lost some hair and still loosing it, but not to fast (at the moment)
- I write and speak much better English since than (the old times)
- I changed from PC to Mac
- I do less art, more businesses, less poetry, more gardening, less going out - more parenting - to cut it down I got married and "we" got pregnant...

do not worry at this point - I will not start a blog about parenting, kids and so on... It will remain the same I just hope and "pray" to have more time, the ambition to post more often again, since I actually like writing - even if there is nobody to read this stuff - but who knows, maybe in the future there will be the famous eleven - like the last time and on my TO DO LIST after work is written - PODCAST again and again and again...

So cheers
wizard of Avignon...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Thursday, October 31, 2013

just few details

Conceptual art work

Why should we do conceptual art work if we cannot eat it at least?
this piece is made of roasted cabbage, it was made at 6 PM, show to the public at 7PM, reheated at 10PM and eaten at 10PM10 - the work that existed only 4 hours and 10 minutes and it was delicious.

Monday, October 28, 2013

the productive days!

I had some black and white acrylic colors standing around for so long, so I decided to do something with them!