Wednesday, December 23, 2015

the god complex

Once a while in the old past I was a student of art (if I can put it that way). There were friends, teachers (so called professors) and there was I, a beginner, a small someone or no-one in a mass of others and I did not even bother to try to fit in. I was never the shy one and I always tell straight what I think (not the best diplomatic or smartest thing to do) and since I do not take myself very serious I got this image going that I am arrogant. I go with friends to a gallery and do not like what I saw, so I say that’s shit.

Two of my friends made some kind of « intervention » and with a cup of tee, told me what they think of me - that I have a god complex and that I think that I am the center of the universe.

Than some times later I compared a work of mine with a work of Michelangelo and my so called « teacher » called me in (again an intervention???) and told me that I do not have the right to write such things and that I have to rewrite my stuff and do it as the good students do it (meaning copy paste stuff from the library or internet and having no conclusion).

Did I bother to get upset - actually I did and than it was one of these smart days I just thought « so be it ». But to get the whole picture we have to re-read and know something more about this two situations. The first one - what is a god complex especially to someone who believes in energy, but not in god and why, why, why do I have to like something just because it is in a gallery. And is there not the possibility that I might be even right and that this stuff hanging there was just bullshit? I mean I do a lot of stuff (art-or not works, poetry :), this bog, a podcast once and soon an other, writing books) and I do it because I like to do it and what if someone think that this is all just lame, zero, looser stuff, shit, bull shit, dog shit or any other excrement alike waste of time - so what? It just means that this person has an other taste than me - he or she or both can say it, write it down - that’s all the point of having an opinion, of free speech and of taste. Please, a 22 years old student speaking of god complex to someone who he call friend just because he do not like the same thing as he (or she, or both) - please.

And to the Michelangelo complex - My so called teacher (rest in peace since than) should have spoke to me in a actually quite useful method called pedagogy and ask me what is the point and have I just put the context in a wrong way? I have re-read my stuff and I think he just did not bother to re-read it if even read it till the end, since I actually never compared myself directly nor MY OWN WORK to the one Michelangelo, but the fact how the system works and how when once in the far older past Michelangelo finished his David and they put it in the center of the city people wrote notes and put it on the sculpture (good as bad ones) and for that moment in the time it was contemporary art and it was judged by people with their own opinions. For some it was a master piece, for others it was blasphemy and porn and till than we do not have change - we still have opinions and still are aloud to like or dislike stuff.

So do I have a god complex and a center of universe complex? Do I bother? A little advice to all of you - do what you like and do it for the good reasons and be happy, the so called time is to short to think about stuff someone tell you, get a grip on your own and do YOUR STUFF and so be it…


post scriptum - do I bother if the photos I redo in photoshop are crap or not? I just like to do it (and by the way if not particularly different mentioned all photos are taken by me and are so under the copyright  license - you can find the link on the right side of this blog).   

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

we do not have to think twice

One friend of mine who is no longer a friend of mine (I guess) said once that bloging is not the same as podcasting (she wrote it even down), since the written word have a trace and the spoken one have not. what do you think? I like the idea of the sentence used in a movie (the sentence - « talking hard » - (guess what movie?) :)
so talking hard - if it is possible than we can talk also soft. The proof for me that a spoken word can be as soft or hard as a written word is Mr.White - his songs moved people all over the world and they were not written down for the public, but spoken out and they did talk very sexy if you get my catch.
So for me talking or writing is not the same, but none is more powerful or very different than the other one.
So talk hard and

Monday, December 14, 2015

unfortunately awesome

I know, I know and yes I know - this is just the twisted photoshop shaped and edited photo taken with photo booth and I do not even pretend that this is art. I do not even bother about pretending that this is art. In first place the photo was edited by me but taken by a art student beginner who experimented with my macbook while making a smoking break. 

conclusion: it is not art but still unfortunately awesome if you are honest with yourself - nope??? ;)


Friday, December 11, 2015

everybody knows

Almost Christmas people and what is the real meaning of it?

It is art!

No, no, no not the painting one, nor the musical one, nor the art conceptual one - it is the art of preparing a really good Christmas meal. You might found this photo of my neighbor holding this dead bird disgusting, but believe me or not this bird have had a happy life compared to the poor bastards you eat at fast food chains or frozen to second death in your Malls and mega ultra super stores. This one was once a little bird, jumping happily around an organic farm with all his little friends, protected by dogs against the evil of the woods and have been fed very generously by lovely farmers counting the days. But you might know a birds day is quite longer than a human one.  A happy meals life. Than there comes Christmas, the day become shorter, the night longer and it is cold outside. One morning it was the end and a beginning - depend of who we are talking about - the bird or the farmer?

Writing like that you might think that I am against meat but quite not. I eat everything (at least I can try it), but what I am trying to say is that the way of presentation is more important that the real thing behind. This bird in real was held on a organic farm, fed with normal food (no antibiotics and no energy food), have seen the sun, have smell the air and the grass, have not been overfeed with long plastic tubes putting in their mouth and have life longer than any supermarket bird you can buy. But this man, the farmer do not make profit out of it, he do not have millions of birds but 6 and he know them by name. Is it cruel to let's call it sacrifice them for a meal? You might think what you want, you are free to do so - I for myself would never buy a supermarket one and I prefer a tomato more than meat, but who can say if the red from a tomato plant is not just his way of bleeding out and it is crying while I am cutting it or not at all? That's the way nature made us and post scriptum I still like playing with photoshop - the red filter just goes well with all that Christmas thing ;)

have a nice meal

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

the real runaway

While my hand move over my « moustache » and while I write, once in a while I look up to the quite big painting in front of me. It is one of two I have in my studio. From now in one year’s time (or so) they have to be finished and shown to public in a also quite huge cathedral (where they belong to). One of the things I do in the so called life is conservation and restoration of paintings and art objects.
The one I look at, is quite a challenge and there are two of them. I actually could be « smart » and pay someone to do it for less then what I charge for the job, but it would not be the real thing, not what I would like to be and in the end I would redo whatever the other one has done. So the real runaway is not the smart one, it is not the easy one, but it is the fucking awesome one. It is the old school one, the for remember one, the not one hit wonder one, the gentleman alike one, the L.O.V.E. one, the dude one, the real one - if you get my point.

Since I started this blog in the very old past once time ago - my English was worse (it still sucks but it get better) - I wrote about everything that was on my mind, than it became something like an art blog, than there was this big break and since a little while I try to be regular again. It is a mix of everything. Art - poetry, nothing, or something, private stuff and actually who cares - once I stop to care I got the fun back to blog and to do this and I will do it as long it makes fun.

I do not try to be deep, to reach out someone, I even do not care (so why don’t you write a journal and let the world alone you might ask - quite easy, I do write a journal and I like to blog and here on the ether there are so many people like me writing stuff down, so who cares?).

To the conclusion of this abstract of nothingness - the real runaway is everything that makes you happy and take time to enjoy it and the most important be aware of it…Otherwise it is like having sex and looking at your phone at the same time - but this is my French theory about life if you get my catch ;)


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

unusual person that makes me feel some kind of unusual

this photo was taken in a public toilette in France (real human size on the "pissing wall")

Have you noticed that I very often use words, phrases or titles from movies and songs? this one for example is from the movie I would put on my very own top ten list "Pump up the volume". 

So what have this shark (trying to bite the bacon) to do with the unusual person that makes me  some kind of unusual especially in a public toilette in France? 

That is just that kind of question we have to ask ourselves once in a while to survive this dimension in witch we live pretending to be someone, somewhere and almost to fit in and to get accepted. I for my part speaking of witch give a shit about all that - once you do your own thing and do not bother with getting accepted or fitting in - you actually at that point start to do something and to become someone and it is (for me at least) the best way to getting trough this dimension we call life. 

That was deep (if you get the catch) ;)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Artist King and his Naka

As known we all have dreams that we lose on our way to the "ALL BLUE" (Heaven, Paradise, The End or however you choose to call the end of the life we use to live right now). On the way to there we find some Nakama (Japanese word for someone who follow you, a friend or a companion). Even if we where fighting all the time they can still be our friends and people who will tell the story of us once we have rich the "ALL BLUE" and leave the grand line behind us.

And it is funny but sometimes we have to fight to understand that we actually go in the same direction and this is not because it s the only way we can go - it s because we have choose to go that way. And at this point we have made our decision and it s not important when will we reach the ALL BLUE as long as we are trying and not forgetting our dreams.

One day I will become an immortal fighter for art ("LOL"), searching for the truth and the one ideal form to explain the most livable emotion that we have once long time ago split into so many emotions like love, pain, freedom, anger, friendship... agony and ecstasy.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

to be clear

what do we do, what do we see, what do we claim, what do we paint and what do we actually see when we look outside the big picture???

Sunday, November 01, 2015

ART IS.... is ART?

To take it simple...

Go to a gallery, museum, studio, hotel-motel, train-station, on the street or anywhere else....
Ask yourself what the f*** -  what is this (WHATEVER)  is in front of you?
So that's art or someone throw something just away!

If there is a name (means signature) it must be art, otherwise it is just historical evidence or vandalism.

By definition (old one) - art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

They forgot  producing works to express some deep emotions or a statement for/against something.

 Today it is much simpler:
Art is what sells (the name, no matter what you do) or what is completely rejected, shocking, disturbing and so on (the list is endless).

To be honest (speaking for myself) Art is a way of expression, of understanding, of concept, hard work and fun and Art is actually whatever pleases you (YOU) no matter what other people may think. Why do we have to put it in a cube, define it and invent meanings and rules relevant to the time we live in and to examine it and to judge it???Why? Because if it is just simply liked by some people that have other taste than some other people it becomes as the word say itself - SIMPLE. Even to simple, so if it is simple it is no more serious and than it sell less. And guess what - the so called masterpieces from today where garbage in the old past (best example the "mad" painter from the Netherlands who cut of a piece of his ear, have sold only one painting for 200 francs (around todays 100$) in his entire life and today we can see his paintings everywhere and on auctions they sell much more than 100 bucks)...

So think whatever makes you comfortable, but for me art critics are completely useless as much as art definitions, but looking at the other point of view without them and human different taste in whatsoever even I could be an artist and everybody else.

post scriptum : by definition I am actually an artist and so told and written down by my school papers. But by my work - hmmmm ;)  

the image is from the site ARTLEX ON ART with quite a nice explanation...



Wednesday, October 28, 2015

heir of future

What DO YOU see?

what if I tell you that everything you see is just a part of something bigger or just a small break from the real reality? What if I tell you that this is art itself? What if I tell you that you should google "Heineken deft blue mug"?

That's all the secret of the universe - you just have to know to ask the right question on the right place and to see the whole image and than it becomes clear.


post scriptum - it is not a bar code on the left - I just like playing with photoshop.

Monday, October 26, 2015

legend in your own mind

Here I am in my studio, surrounded by paintings and artworks from the past (the quite new one and the very older one). The oldest object that passed by my hands was from the early 1500. But to stay honest the most objects are from the 18th, 19th century and from almost today. I do not count my objects (made by me) - but I dot count them quite as art as well. Than to rethink, I still have fun doing them.
So here I am in my studio and I look at all the paintings, all the hours the painter has spent to make them, all the work, all the time and guess what - they are sentimental - they are worth nothing , except for the owners they are quite something. That is the sad point of how we function and who tell us what is worth and what is not.
Give me any painting in the world and hide the signature - I will tell you, if it is a good work or not, if the painter know his doing or not, if it will last or not - in other words is it a good painting. I do not care for signatures, I do not care about some value any system in any time have made - for me what counts is the process of creation and how is it made - everything else are just stupid details in a stupid society we live in.

Here I was yesterday in front of my computer on a social network, surrounded by posts of things people do, say, think, like, photos and so on…

Maybe the tools have changed and the todays good selfies are the auto portraits from the past - it just took to much time before. But to be honest and to stay a legend in at least my own mind - today everybody can take a photo, but who cares - in the past only the great ones have made selfies and 500 years later we still remember them and even pay to go to see them in a museum.

So here I am in my studio surrounded by paintings and artworks from the past and I am happy.
Hope you can say the same thing I just did.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The hot chocolate theory

File:Hot chocolate in Montsalvat , Melbourne.jpg
a photo from wikimedia (File:Hot chocolate in Montsalvat , Melbourne.jpg) 
photo credit goes to MACINATE who uploadet the photo on flickr under the title -
"Yumm - hot chocolate on a winter's day" (the links included will guide you to the source of the photo - with much more photos to admire and to the copyright holder of this one as well - thank you macinate for the stunning and beautiful photo I "borrow" for this post - and thanx also to "aki" for reminding me how creative commons and wikimedia and all the copyright jungle works)... 

Today it was rain, thunder, storm, lightening and it is so cold outside - the best way to handle this situation is to keep calm, to make you a hot chocolate, to take a great book or not (to write something, to draw, to paint, to think, to do nothing), to sit beside your window and to enjoy the theater of nature, if you can. But if you are stuck in a train, "hmmmm" you can still enjoy it and look at it that way - it is better to be on a train in this situation than in a airplane - at least less scary. I know what I am talking about...

I love storms (not the very serious once) but the small once - for me it could happens every Sunday afternoon, but probably not for anyone. But for hot chocolate there is no special time - it can happen every time if you want - for me it is my Wednesday hot chocolate time right now.

Cheers and happy enjoying.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Publishers, publishing houses and distributors

Just few words to what I have learned on my own by trying to publish a book in the last 5 years (smart and geeky people would found this in 5 days on Internet, but people like me have to do it old school and to verify it and to waste time).

The first ones I call them fishing publishers are just fakes and if a publisher want you to pay a part of printing costs you will end up with 20.000 copies of your book few months later if you buy them in the end otherwise they will be burned. 

Publishing your own book by you is also silly - since just to print it out and to have it in your home - who cares (or you write it for friends and you print like 20 copies) ;)

A real publisher will take all the risk, will pay everything, will have distributors and will make a lot of publicity for it, since he want to make the most of it. You as a writer will end up famous if your book is a best seller. For your first book a real and serious publisher will propose you 8% to 12% (if your book sells for 30 you will gain like 3 and the 27 goes to the publisher). If a publisher offers you 30% try to smell the shit, since it is not real. And if your book goes and sell very very very well, than for the next one you can ask for more and if there is any chance you become the next J. K. Rowling you can ask whatever you want or start your own publishing house. Good luck with that.

Big and serious publishers are not difficult to find (just take a look at already printed books in bookstores. If you have a book already written than this is the way to contact a publisher. If you just started and have just this idea do not bother - there are millions of ideas - your book has to be finished, but do not expect a LE (literary editor) to read your 600 pages just because you have send it to them, since they have every day thousand of pages coming in.  

To make it simple:

1. Take a look what your publishing house is in (what king of "genre"). If you write a drama, do not expect a publishing house that publishes mostly crimes and action to take even a look at your book.

2. Try to contact the publishing house, ask for a LE and ask them if you can send them a description and an extract of your book. Ask for his name and hopefully he might agree.

3. If he agrees or if you just send it to the publishing house than this is the best way. Few words like dear "LE", here is a description and an extract from my book that has 654 pages for example and it is a "drama".

The description should never be longer than a page (and do not fool with different writing styles - use Courier or Arial and 12ft, since it is the quite easiest way for the LE to read it. Do not explain what you want to say, just give a short description of the whole story starting by what is the "genre".

Your extract should never bee more than around 30 pages (the introduction and one chapter your close friends and family might find very interesting, since you are not objective with yourself).

And you have to send also a prepaid reply envelope and if the LE think that your idea might be interesting you will get a letter or a call and they will ask you for the whole manuscript. And from that point on the real work starts, since they might ask you to rewrite some chapters, characters, scenes, to remove something, to develop more and so on and so on.   

That is the whole secret behind publishing your book. The most import remains still what you write and never forget if your character knock a nail in a wall at the beginning of the story in the end he should put a painting on it or hang himself in the end but you must never forget the nail - if you get my point. And if you reread your book, do not bee afraid to remove stuff or to change it.

So here is one more in the sea of thousands of article like that one. Was it useful - I do not know but the photo up there I took of this amazing house inspired me to write something.

Cheers and good luck       

Monday, October 12, 2015

Time, love, faith and free emotion x3

Already some years ago I started some paintings in Avignon with these themes, after I transformed it to graphics...

And does the title really mean something by looking at it - I guess I prefer to call it that way instead of "Elephants" and  "Strange people"

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

here we go again

Once upon a time you start something - do you carry it out until the end of time (your time)? This is a painting what you see up there - painted with oil colors on two separate wooden board (plank). Once upon a time I started to paint, to draw, to make something someone would call art (by it definition it might be), but there is art and there is so called art. In my case it started as a hobby, became professional for some times and today it is again just a hobby - so it makes more fun, since you do not must do it, so you do it quite more often and with pleasure and it is definitely not art.  
Once upon an other time I started this blog and few others like my so called "poetry" blog - and in my case it is not really poetry - just a bunch of words put together. So once upon that time I started a blog and for some time it was just fun. (Why I always want to write the word "just" like that - justE?) Than it become like something "must do" and so I stopped for a long time. Now when it is no more the "I have to blog, I must blog" it is become fun again. 
I am happy for the blogger out there taking this serious or making the living out of it - but it would not be something for me - I am old school and even if I do some Internet stuff I prefer my off-line life, my off-line job, my off-line family and my off-line friends - since the on-line ones become quite often a disappointment. Or I become one for them.

Not to go very much further, since I do not feel my legs any more because I am writing this on a trains water closet (toilette) - it is the only available outlet I could found. And it is time to work a little bit - there is so many things to do in the off-line world, like translating my "so called book" in German or English or both, since who want to read it in Bosnian language ;) - otherwise there is no guaranty that anyone want to read it in any other language - but who cares. And it was like with the  "art" - when the book become serious and people from a publishing house were recreating it and I had to rewrite it a dozen of time I quit, sold the rights, both them back a year later and finish it on my own, since it become a hobby again and it become fun. 

Cheers to all of you and happy Wednesday...