Friday, February 09, 2007

The wizard has returned to Avi

ARTIST vs. ART (You buy a piece of me and I buy a piece of paradise)

" to Dzenan; I do not agree with you when you say that works of art are parts of the artist.Well, the thing is i think that A work of Art is alive for it self and once finished, done, the artist has to rethdraw from it, if not, he becomes obsesed with the image of his work, and there megalomania is being borned.." - said Milenko (a performance artist).

Yes a sentance like that one because i am lucide of the dagerous sides of the performance you do not own you work Art is not about the Artists, it is about beauty and philosophy triping.We do all of those shit beacuse we are obsesed with ourselves till that point that we become inlove with our personalities. Look at Andy Goldsworthy - the best example of deatechment from his work..See the whole conversation by clicking here

I have never made performance art! But anything else I guess and once I know - during my work if I do not involve a piece of me or mostlyall of me the result is crap and it looks like the art from just like the millions of other wannebes in this big battlefield of art. The good point is that however and howoften I invest some piece of me into my work I recieve much more back from it self. I agree that once the work is finish it is alive for it self, but still there is a piece of me inside and I am proud of it and than one finished when I look at it I know I have gave my best and that is the only important thing. It doesn t matter what you do - it s about giving yourself away and doing it the best way you can without any compromises. And that is what Art is about, to close the circle of life, to tell stories and to makes the world a more beautyful place to live. And it s about hard work and love, about deep emotions and clearly mind it s about you and me and all of us until we reach once the ultimate "ALL BLUE" or the "ONE PIECE" that we are searching for since ever and allways.


MILVUS said...

Art is Art, there is a piece of The Artist in it, but the artist was not alone when he made it all the spirits from the past joined him. Art work stays after the life of the artist, do we know Art or Artists, if we know just some people who did some things I QUIT now from doing anything linked with Art, if it is just about the posture then fuck it.
When i do things i put myself in it, and i get results, i learned something new, and then i go on for an another experience, forget the Artists remember Art.

MILVUS said...

and i am not an Artist, yet

jamie said...

Hej Dude - welcome back to Avi.

@ milvus - why should we forget the Artist and remember Art? Than we can forget us, too (us = human like one, like race, nation, religion, spirit..etc)

Hey let´s forget Mozart and remembar only the symphonies and who cares about the name of the symphonies - let´s forget them, too.

Sorry but I think you are wrong. I don´t know much about art but still whatever I listen about it´s mostly like with every other think in the life - who stand behind? And if we orget the artist than we forget everything around him and than his work will be completly forgiven as well and art would die! Tha is what I think :)

Bien venue a Avi,
Dzeno-sama et Arigato (for the card) ;)

Andy said...

I think that U R both right:


Milvus didn`t mean if I really understood to forget the Artist completly - it was more the fact that today the people collect Names and don`t care about the Art-Work.

Both R important the Artist and the Work, but once the Artist hase finish his Work it does not belong to him any more, he has to move on in one direction and his Work has to move on in other. The Artist will not forgive his Work, but he won`t be obsesive by it!

That`s how I look at it!
Am I completly wrong?

Anonymous said...

This painting (If I can call it like it - or half drawing) is very interesting. On it it is You? and behind the field where Van Gogh has shoot himself??

@ the commentaire-boys
I agree with milvus (look at his blog and than it becomes more clear - search also a little bit the archive)
But one sentence is not my mode - DON`T FORGET THE ARTIST!!!

MILVUS said...

@Andy man you prooved my point, CHEERS. Do we know the names of people who made the Cave Paintings, do we need their names or just we are interested in the trip they were in?

MILVUS said...

hmmm, I like these kinds of usefull exchange of thoughts, the BLOGS are showing their real nature.

Dzenan said...

Finally happy...
Now I agree 100% with you milvus - the BLOGS are showing their real nature :)
And I can just say that I am happy to have comments really about my posts and to comment on other blogs, too - even if I do not completly agree with everyone here - it s still just cool, like intelectual samuraism about Art..

And of course we don t know who made the caves-art (in primare there are reliefs and little like sculptures - painting and wall coloring came later - the in europe oldest known cave is here in southern France :) - and they had there a cult for "vagina" because their source for water look exactly like an utherus - cool eh??

However - because of not knowing the artist we just call the whole epoce Pra-history, but in Renesanse we have like 100 different ways, and mostly because we know who, why and where the artist has made his work!

Dzenan said...

And guys - THANX :)

Dzenan said...

@ anonymous - yes it is a kind os self-portrait but the field behind is one van Gogh has made in Arles, but he shoot himself near St.Remi and it s the painting with the field and a lot of crowns flying around that van Gogh has made beore shooooting himself down, than he made it back to St.Remi where he dies 3 days later. One year later his work become famous on one impressionism exhi in Paris, just few weeks after the death of his younger brother Theo van Gogh! :)

ismir said...

buraz, samo da pozdravim a hocu da napisem na engleskom da razumije i ovo pucanstvo sto bi rekli zapadni susjedi ne :) helem , nek si zdrav doputovao;) pozdrav od druga

I can see that you have many new art forms and i am very happy becouse of that.Your work look like mature art language, we all looking for that;)i am searching too;)For the people here: You have chance to see true thinking and lived art with lot of feelings, inside and outside scetches of life;)

jos samo da upitam, kako ljubav?
uzivaj care, pozdrav iz Sarajeva

jamie said...

Hey Dude
U R welcome ;)

You know I am not an artist and my art knowledge is (very interesting I guess) :) but still I do not have to agree with all you artists?? Do I?

P.S. What is mature art language???
Teach me pls?

ismir said...

Maturity in art means struggle with all art tools (lines, colors, contrasts, composition, subjective and objective in art...etc) and harmony between all that tools. Input
some feelings between that is representative if you menage to compose all that in artwork.And you dont need to agree with all artists;)
greetings :)

Anonymous said...

mature art language is probably old school - maybe no only contemporary installations etc - because as I could sen he use traditional technics somehow mixed with new media = old school in contemporary style or somehow like this ...?!?

jamie said...

Cool - thanx for the explination ;)

Dzenan said...

mature art language - nice expression...

@ ismir - sta da ti kazem, uzivam kao uvijek i svugdje...

@ the others - what to say ;) We all are serching for something, but just few choosen of us are serching for the ultimate ALL BLUE or all in one the great ONE PIECE of everything that exist compressed in one moment in one emotion and all of this only to understand that the way is the finish line!

Anonymous said...

That the way is the finish line?? You mean the way is more important than the finish line? or?