Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Conceptual POST translated by Systran 5

Like on this photo (my first conceptual minimalism land art work) the post here will be written in german than translated in english from the translation software Systran 5 and I will use the normal language without too complicated sentences but also not to easy and small combinations. (All errors and wrong translation will not be corrected)

"This first work of art in this form is not to state anything on the first view. In later view it goes around a two-dimensional form from the background stands out. So that a new dimension creates. Both with the coloured organization and with differentiated the surface. Whether I ignore now after this experiment to land kind, I do not believe. Which however are not called is which I now never work of art in this direction will create. It made very large fun, but except the photos nothing is remaining of the work of art. Those much snaps perishability lets itself nevertheless certainly still with different construction units out-hesitate."

translated by Systran 5 - not bad but very interesting experience, too


Marie - le tétard masqué said...

j'ai le même carlage dans ma cuisine!!
non, je rigole!! :)
tu l'as fait avec quoi??

in first, it's look like a water lily!

en 2e , je cherche quelque chose d'intelligent à dire, mais je trouve pas!!! en troisiè trouv sa contradictoire de faire de l'art conceptuel avec des matériaux fragile, et par terre!

Marie - le tétard masqué said... parce que l'art conceptuel reste une idée, pas pour être montrer, mais pour durer...

jamie said...

Hej!!!! I do not understand :) !!!!
Not the french comment - your work ;)

Dzenan said...

but you understand froggie-lange???
The work is quite simple to understand - definition of place multiple with the room / time continum completed with coincidence and the result is what you see or to make it less simple - it s my experiment with conceptual art-work and the public can choose what they want to see in this work :)

@ le tétard masqué - je t aime aussi ma petite ;)

Anonymous said...

I think that it is a very good conception of Out goog old hearth to put it in just a piece of hearth and I think it may be tell us that we need each other to have a big and beatiful tiles!!!

Anonymous said...

scuse me, would like to say "Our good old earth"

Dzenan said...

You can write your name Anonymous or mr. Castel :)
thank you for the comment and you can comment if you want on french :)

Elisabeth said...

i don't understand this either like Jamie