Friday, January 12, 2007

I buy a piece of paradise and you buy a piece of me

Art versus commercial does not exist!

This week I have break my record – time in painting, yesterday I painted around 14h in one piece and it was like a little bit a trip. Yesterday I have made 7 painting in mixed media for bosnian people. The theme I choose are some buildings and exteriers from Bosna i Hercegovina. Only the last one with the elephants is a little bit more artisric – but WHY I AM DOING COMMERCIAL ART WORKS???

The answer is simple: When you live in a country with less standart and people pay for paintings around 100 – 200 euro, you have to make commercial art works. I do also not-commercial art works, but these works are then around 200 - 500 euro for a graphic (10 x 13,5 cm). For sculptures not less than 500 euro. But people here cannot pay this – the most people here work for 300 euro a month. So I have to make commercial art works to get money for the material to make not-commercial art works, but still in every work I integrate a piece of me and my art.

The dimension for this works are between 38 x 45 cm to 80 x 42 the longest one. The working period for this 8 works is one week, the material for every painting is between 40 – 100 euro (incl. the frame).


Elisabeth said...

Congratulations for all this work! When do you come back here? C U

Dzenan said...

thanx & february! C U