Friday, October 27, 2006

Dzonny vs. Jehnnan - Scissors hands and a bottle of Jaegermeister

...And the story began like this...Well, there are all kinds of scissors. And once there was even a man who had scissors for hands. Well, a long time ago, an inventor lived in that mansion. He made many things, I suppose.

He also created a man. He gave him inside, a heart, a brain, everything.
Well, almost everything. You see, the inventor was very old. He died before he got to finish the man he invented. So the man was left by himself, incomplete and all alone. So had to make himself hands, and that was the result. Poor man.

*Fuck, I can kill a tree, even a man, but I cannot open a fucking bottle whitout braking it in million parts.."

Everything was bad, but he smiled and he live but than one day he realize that next door to him - there was another man with some kind of scissors for hands. And they become friends.
And the story would have a happy end if there wouldn’t be somewhere upstairs the creator of the second man with a bottle of Jaegermeister. But he was also old and after he gave them some of Jaegermeister he died and they couldn’t open the bottle!

So they stayed in front of it until the end of time – looking at this little green bottle of Jaegermeister!

“What a sad story grandma…”, and Grandma smiled to the little girl. “Oh NO, my dear, oh NO, we have hands and a lot of Jaegermeister in the house…
And tomorrow I will tell you how the man without mouth tried to drink Jaegermeister, but finish your drink and go to bed, it’s time.” “Yes Granny, I love you…you and Jaegermeister!”

Glglglgl (Ruelps - ZJEV...few minutes later ZZZZZZzzzzzzz hrk!)


jamie said...

Dz, is it because of your strange drink??? But after so many posts I start to think that there is something wrong? I have write you an email!

Dzenan said...

YOu are funny sometimes.

Martin said...

dzennan you look damned good with the scissor-hands, johnny depp wasnt sexier!

i honestly think that you are crazy, by the way.

Elisabeth said...

1st question : What is "Jaegermeister"?

2nd question : "Who's the guy who tries to look like you on these pictures?"

jamie said...

Jaegermeister is Dzenans ambrosia :) a german drink. If Dzenan answer you, he would maybe say :"Google it!"

Hej dude, where are you? What´s happend. I emailed you 3 days ago??? Are you okey/in mod/in love/in trouble?

Dzenan said...

Jamie : nothing s wrong, It s just Avignon.

Martin: Der deutsch-finnischer Dichter, Aphoristiker und Satiriker
Manfred Schröder(*1938) sagte dazu: "Was ist so schlimm daran, verrückt zu sein? Verrückt sein, heißt doch nur, nicht immer auf der gleichen Stelle zu stehen." Allerdings sagte der deutsche Heilpraktiker, Schriftsteller und Maler Erhard Blanck um 1942 : "Jeder Hunderste sei verrückt.Ich denke eher umgekehrt." - Also kann ich bezueglich dessen mit ruhe und gelasenheit erwiedern:"Willkommen in club mein halb schweedischer Freund", and by the way Danke fuer die Blumen :)

Lisa: Jaegermeister is what I am holding in my hands on photo 3. If you want you can try some at my place. It is written like this : Jägermeister but in German you can replase the ä with ae.
Le Jägermeister (maître chasseur en allemand) est une liqueur à base de plantes médicinales titrant 35°GL.
Les 56 herbes qui rentrent dans sa composition sont tenues secrètes.La Jägermeister est fabriquée à Wolfenbüttel, en Basse-Saxe, Allemagne, par une société anonyme et familiale non cotée en bourse: Mast-Jägermeister, propriété des Mast-Findel, son siège social ainsi que l'administration sont restés à Wolfenbüttel et sont voués à être reconstruits sous peu, entre temps une autre usine d'embouteillage a vu le jour dans le Kamens saxon, en Allemagne de l'Est.
La Jägermeister est la liqueur la plus exportée d'Allemagne, elle est plus consommée à l'étranger que dans son pays d'origine...
And if you want more infos :

The official site of Jägermeister. You could google it also, but this infos are the TOP.


Myo said...

Dzennan I think also that you look damned good with the scissors-hands.

Martin, It is not really nice to say to your friend that you think he is crazy.

And the Jägermeister site is very cool, but is there an english version of it???