Sunday, October 01, 2006

during the work

Tonight, when the "followers" find you,
the whore of destiny
I will follow them and follow you,
like the falldownmorningstar...
like a scurt with two faces,
and you will sleep behind your window,
with heavy eyes,
it s heavy to wait for trains that dont use the timeplan...
but it is easy ti live and to die!

And you have to know...I say it to you
that tonight, when I die, when I am gone,
you will not cry, my mother will,
my sister s sure,
you will just swear... and sleep and dream.

but my onlyone i write this just for you,
look at my eyes, and don t hide your view,
look at my face and show me your smile,
just for the moment, just for a while...

Blue girl, with sandy hair,
with a sad shadow over your face,
this is the right time,
maybe not the right place...
and I also can say, I also can swear,
that you will not be my onlyone...
because I don t want to be alone, to wait for U,2
everything will be like it was.

*I am working on few sculptures and I will be in Avignon on the 5th. october. I've my visa, my fly-ticket and maybe not everything else.

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