Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The wizard from Avignon

23:20h, 01.11.2006, after 2 months and 23 days I am in! So I don’t know if it’s the alcohol specking throw me or myself, but the first thing is I know that Everybody would loves my baby, if I would have one! What I don’t; why? When I saw last time one girl walking down the street, I just jump in front I said:"Hello, I love you. Won’t you tell me your name?"...What`s happened?, You have to be famous that it can work. Am I an artist? A liar, one who explain you the reality whitout understanding it by himself? I could say:" Took my love...", but I am not a famous artist..ARTIST!!!! I let you fucking me if you know what I am talking about. Sitting here like Martin said Somewhere in da europe n elswhere, in Avignon the town of wind, around me so nice people, but it’s scared, they are or am I blind I can’t see the mask...NO, they are, ...normally People are strange when you're a stranger, but here the People are nice when you are a stranger??Do I have to understand it? Like a clown, behind his mask from the ancient gallery, like the color green, mixed by blue and yellow..Do you see me? DO YOU SEE ME?? DO YOU? 23:40, 01.11 the same stupid year,. In the last 2 weeks I wrote more poetry than in my life before, Should I put it on my poetry blog? But on my poetry blog there is mostly poems about love, CUT / After 2 months and 23 days startin at 11 am. with 2x 0,4 36% of JAEGERMEISTER - followed by 0,7 Bottle - probably toooo much, but do anyone read this? My bog’s full of comments, but they belongs to the photos and small talk. I am tight how many comments I will have from this post. I am thinking about to delete my blog or to make such a moblog or photoblog without words. These fucking words, nobody read them? Do someone??? So make me feel alright and comment it! Fucking slaves...I am to stupid to find a girl, some other female human wretch witch loves me..the great ARTIST, poem, moneymaschine roll on, but where is the love. the LOVE bellows to the DOORs of the universe, the stars fall down the sky this night baby, just for you and I and the whole world is sucking my dick, for what...?A Picasso, van Gogh feeling - Time’s passing by, what’s behind? The past. Oh no! Behind is that what’s gone, the past we remember, the moments that are gone not. Arrows brake down the sky, just for You and I... Just for this moment. I should delete my blog. Is anybody there outside reading this shit I am writing..?Half drunk, clear mind - drugs? probably not tonight, baby. Not tonight...Television is killing the freedom of opinion, the war is over, but baby the war will never end - there is this little program in our heads - the matrix we have made for us, to make such shit like me and the other artist or the war - killing people, death, rape and hate, hate, anybody in???DO someone read this? If there will be one - I bet on Martin! And maybe Lisa, but I am not sure - this is to much, to much swearwords, to not to French sentences, but sorry i am also not! When the music`s over, baby I have to turn off my computer, to write one poem more is the fucking poem, damn -
Music and Alcohol
* * *
The day’s over, until the end,
if music is your only frend,
there must be something wrong.

Sitting in front of the big screen,
I can cancel my subscription to the resurrection
But what does it mean???

I can’t play guitar, I can’t sing,
Like a marionette I feel the string,
I hear the Alcohol.

The water is whisfull over me,
the human female must she be,
the perfect one...

To cut me strings, to set me free,
I will kill the sky..
Baby, just for You and me!

Lost and fuckin` slaves of the humans race!


dafit said...

goethe would have been full of envy

Elisabeth said...

I read it Dzenan, yes, you have many readers (maybe all eyes are on you!) but people are too shy to add comments! Don't erase your blog, and don't be sad! I'm planning to make another "ode to Dzenan" (and maybe a "fuck Milan") on my blog.