Saturday, October 21, 2006

Me against the world - Part two

Municipality or place of irony!

Why me against the world and what does it mean? Me against the World is a rap album by Tupac Shakur, released on March 14, 1995. But when use me against the world I don’t mean the whole world (World refers primarily to a planet or to the Earth. Unlike the term "earth", "world" (like the term international and the adjective of globe, global) is used in combination with the core topics describing our world society or world community). It is also not me against the French republic. It is me against the bureaucracy, it’s me against the world behind, the not visual one, the world of colored papers, of actual news and me against the fu*king boring feeling that we used to feel when we wait in some remotest parts in the government house (maybe in city hall) to received some really “useful” stamps, to pay more taxes and much more other really not useful papers, little tax stickers or however they call this stuff. One of really useful things is paying the bills and the whole tax thing. But this I will maybe attack in me against the world part three.

*(Photo1):" Welcome, take a number and wat please!"
*(Photo2): "Give me your signature or I will kiss you???"

So what kind of papers I’ve now in my studio. So there are just few millions of contracts and if my studio burn down I will disappear. You know when you want to buy a bank you have to undersign 3 papers. But when you want to open an account and to have one of these beautiful credit cards you have to undersign 11.

That means that you could buy 4 banks and you would have not to undersign more than for your account – it is just a little bit more expensive ;)

The contract with the flat owner means you have 2 papers about the flat / studio, 2 papers about the insurance, 1 paper for the inventory list, 2 papers for a file about you, copies from your ID, Passport, attestation of your school and 7-9 undersigns you have your contract and the keys for your studio. 2 papers for the EDV (and it is not the end-diastolic volume in cardiovascular physiology, it’s just the electric distributor / power and water supply here in France), 1 for the school, 1 for the video libraries, 2 for the library, and 4 for the social assurance and after all this stuff someone want to tell me that my signature is still valid.

I mean I have undersigned here since 15 days more than 40 times, in Sarajevo for my Visa over 25 times, and it is my 4th Visa, for all necessary stuff there also around 100 times??? After this signature if the devil arrived and ask for me signature it will be ridicules. So what should we do?

Let’s sing a song, be happy, and ignore all this grown world, stop to look the news, drink Coca Cola and enjoy the life like the life that it should be… Paradise with vanilla sky, flowers and all the cliché we used in our imagination witch is crowded with some classic Hollywood scenarios.


jamie said...

Journey of Chihiro? You`ve seen it?

Dzenan said...

Yesterday and I must say very, very good anime! But like the most animes :)
How are you..write me an e-mail?

jamie said...

Is the text about bosniaks from you?

Dzenan said...

No.. klick on it and you ll see.

jamie said...

Of course :)

Dzenan said...

You get it!!!!

Myo said...

You are a fan of japanese stuff?

Elisabeth said...

Hi Myo how's London these days?

Myo said...

Like ever - rain, rain, rain, and if there´s no rain it just looks like rain, no I am kidding :) it´s fine

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