Friday, October 20, 2006

Hell on earth

I came to the point where I really have to decide not to watch or to read any news more! What is happened with the almost good news in the world, or are we now in such a fu*king situation that there is nothing good going on outside. I can’t believe it. And I will not believe in such a lie like I look all the time on TV. We live in the time where the information are the most important and stupid things in the world. The grown calculate with numbers, make a lot of green, blue, and red colored paper, what after they changed for something to wear, to eat, to ride on it. And to make more colored papers (called money) they use information. Information as a concept bears a diversity of meanings, from everyday usage to technical settings. Generally speaking, the concept of information is closely related to notions of the few following things: constraint, communication, control, data, form, instruction, knowledge, meaning, mental stimulus, pattern, perception, and representation. Wow… How important this sounds. But do we really need all this information. They are so real and useful like the colored papers when you are somewhere alone on an island. Or do you think things just disappeared when we stop speaking about it. OH NO!!! Fucking world order – BSE happens few months, the whole British Island have problems with millions of kilo of cow meat, but we still go to McDos`, eat hamburger, and there is no more any cow in the world with BSE… Bin Laden is lost, The weapons of Sadam are somewhere in Nevada (they just didn’t manage it to bring it to Iraq before they get in… AIDS, no more a problem today, let’s take some pills and it’s gone. And if you are not an African it is not dangerous for you any more. What is with the birth flow? All the birds promised they will take more aspirin and they will try not to be in contact with the whole chicken “house family” or other animals from our farms. Good news, in Germany there are now around 7 - 9 % people who wants to vote for the NDP. Or was it the NPD??? China is buying the whole company name world from Europe, in Australia some kind of virus killed over 10 000 Dingoes, but who cares. If we don’t speak about it, it will be gone.

I need some channels with reports about good stuff… In Kentucky farmer Jim bred the world’s biggest boysenberry, and he called her Anna. Somewhere on the Maluku Islands a guy with the name Buru like one of the Maluku islands Buru won the Indonesian conquest in crochet and the prize was 5.000 rupiah (IDR) donate from the capital city of the Maluku Islands (Ambon city), in Poland a not known writer received the golden quill with his history book about the Jagiellon dynasty and how Poland forged an alliance with its neighbor Lithuania and at least but not lest in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC, sometimes also referred to as DR Congo or in French RDC), or Congo-Kinshasa they discovered the bones of David Livingstone. Before they thought that he died there, in Chief Cazembe's village on the southern shores of Lake Bangweulu (now in Zambia), on 1 May 1873 from malaria and internal bleeding caused by dysentery. His body, carried over a thousand miles by his loyal attendants Chuma and Susi, was returned to Britain for burial in Westminster Abbey. But the new news open new discussions about the very interesting topic who is buried in Westminster Abbey ???

We have enough problems, small problems, intimae problems with us and the world, we don’t need some actual information that only let space for fear, loathing, forlornness and the question do we already lives in the hell??? Let’s enjoy and drink Coca Cola and make them much more rich and make them more popular than the word OK!


jamie said...

He dude, what they do to you there. I inform better the Queen to undertake something against the evil people there?

jamie said...

P.S. I like those flags symbs you’ve put up there!

Dzenan said...

:) Inform Blaire - you have such good contacts with him ;)
Here is nobody doing anything against me, it s just that I read all the time news on internet and it pissed me off (the actualliest-news are about the atom bomb test...) Every 2 hours something new about the test and..bla bla, and what s happend with Iran??? No new news..

jamie said...

OK I WILL! We declare war against FR ;)

Clan ZOC said...

I like the Tarzan photo

Myo said...

I have look at your sculptures a little bit. You have make them all? The paintings, too?