Friday, October 20, 2006

Me against the world - Part ONE

Our world is such a big planet in this small universe - The term universe has a variety of meanings, based on the context in which it is used. In strictly physical terms, the total universe is the summation of all matter that exists and the space in which all events occur or could occur. But the humans "bureaucracy" have a different point of view.

So what do we need to survive in this small universe on our big planet??? Let`s take a look -

01. An identity document (also known as I.D. or ID) is a piece of documentation designed to verify aspects of a person's identity. The whole IDEA of Big brother! If an identity document is in the form of a small standard-sized card, such as an ISO 7810 card, it is called an identity card. The next step will probably be a digital chip transplanted somewhere in our body, few seconds after our birth.

Maybe also before!!!! We will find it out, probably soon!

02. A passport is a travel document issued by a national government that usually identifies the bearer as a national of the issuing state and requests that the bearer be permitted to enter and pass through other countries.

(Probably it don’t work always :)

03. A visa (short for the Latin carta visa, lit. "the document having been seen") is a document issued by a country giving a certain individual permission to formally request entrance to the country during a given period of time and for certain purposes. Most countries require possession of a valid visa as a condition of entry for foreigners, though there exist exemption schemes. Visas are typically stamped or attached into the recipient's passport, or are sometimes issued as separate pieces of paper.

So if we have all this documents we can travel over the whole world - of course not. If you want to travel the whole world you need a ID, Passport not from my country and enough place for Visas if it is the case and you have a Bosnian Passport. In this situation you will probably need to get your Visa following attestations:
- Where you will live (Contract with the studio/flat owner)
- Someone who guarantee for you financially (with a government stamp, that proof that this person has the possibility to guarantee for you).
- incl. copy of his ID card
- A birth certificate to proof that you are really outside!!! (don´ t ask of what?)
- A very good reason with attestations why you want to go to this country, where, how long???
- and photos (but they have the very specific way how you have to look on it (not the same color of your clothes and the background, the head must be over 75% of all photo, the eyes open, but not too much, no smile, don` t look to sad, no shine on your face and the photo must be scan-system adapted).
- Attestations about where Your parents work (do you have parents), what they are, how many money they received...

After having this few papers you need some stamps, bill that you have pay your Visa and You are ready for go. Than when You arrived it is just few papers more that You need for your permission to stay:
- simple formulas
- 3 photos
- all the original papers that you had to leave in your county because they needed it for the Visa (of course they have told you that your Visa is the proof that you have all this documents, but here in the other country they say, oh no! we need this papers, your Visa could be printed
- A bank account (but to open one, you need your permission to stay, now it start to be interesting).
- Some attestations that proof why you are here (in my case a student card or a certificate from school)

Than you can ask for the permission, pay the tax and wait few months until they will make it and hope that your VISA will be long enough valid until you receive your Permission staying - card.

About the contract of your lodging, the bank account, the health insurance, the contract with the agency for electric distribution and other important things in our world I will write more - soon!


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