Saturday, June 24, 2006

The way, the wizard, the car and once more upon in Avignon

Hey everyone...After houers in the car, after houers in the sun and temperature over 30 without any wind (WHERE ARE YOU NOW FUC*ING MISTRAL???)

*Mistral is an atmospheric phenomenon that occurs mostly in the winter and spring in the Gulf of Lion. It creates a cold, strong northwesterly wind along the coast, particularly from MarseilleToulon, in southern France. to
It is an example of a katabatic wind, which is caused by air that is cooled over the mountains by the presence of a high pressure system or radiative cooling. In the case of the Mistral, air is cooled above the Massif Central, the central plateau of France, and the Pyrenees. It then flows down into the Garonne valley, because its density is higher than that of the surrounding air. The presence of Garonne and Rhône valley creates a funnel effect, speeding up the current towards the Gulf.
In Marseille, on about half of the days in the year the weather is characterized by the cold winds of the Mistral. These winds may affect the weather in North Africa, Sicily and Malta or throughout the Mediterranean, particularly when low pressure systems form in the Gulf of Genoa.

, after a journey to Marseille and back without seeeeeing any Digne, and now you all ask yourself why Digne??
*Digne-les-Bains or simply and historically Digne is a commune of France, préfecture (capital) of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence département. Population (1999): 16 064.

But do enything have since here in Avignon???

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andre said...

you know how fucking warm it is currently in barcelona, dude?! i got two football matches now, and i have no clue how to survive them...

l'amour toujours,