Thursday, June 15, 2006

Let`s talk about sex

a journey to the see and back?? (without a rabbit)

Let`s talk about a journey to the see and back...It was not the summer 69...but this summer was also not bad - Also let`s use this little word or the combination of words "LET`S"...

Here You have a good adress from a really interesting artist: first and than the story of a normal journey to ...

So after you have visited a really interesting artist adress - let`s talk about sex, girls and jazz music :) Someone has say to me : "You have only girls on your blog!", so let it bee:

A journey to the see-side of our brain:

Would you look at me
Tell me what you see
Do you see no love at all?
Or do you see in me
What you always see
In every girl that you fall for

I will show you how long is meant to be
Just watch and learn and love certainly

Everything started like allways somewhere n`elswhere (if I can say it like this)...a car, a boy and his few girls..hihi - but real: It was not just easy like it sounds..we were looking at the see to find some interesting peoples and there it happens..we found few..

but the photos tell a better story than enjoy and cmok.

and maybeeee - to be continued...

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