Friday, June 16, 2006

The 3 Pilates

Few days ago we were at some nice and interesting concert here in "beuty-town-Avignon".

I was there with some friends - like Lejla, Milenko, Lucia and Maria, Sarah-darling and Michelle, we were a lot of people but this`s nothing how many people were there, but look at the photos.
* * *

P.S.The wine was really bad and really cheap - so we drunk Heineken!

Heineken RULES!!!

And here my "Don`t smoke everything" pic... One on this pic has stopped to smoke - try to find out who? Is it Nico, the boy in the middle? Or lovely lady Queen Elisabeth (left side) or the girl who loves the green color (right) or the man with "not a gun"- instrument??? But is this important to know? I mean YES!

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Elisabeth said...

Hi Dzenan, how are you? I am the one who tried to quit smoking and who stupidly failed... But I'm trying again. Here it's easier in Besançon, but when I come back in the south... I can't promise anything... So maybe I shouldn't sign my message because people will know that it's me...
Now a stupid story : I lost my phone during the "fĂȘte de la musique" because I think that my bag was open, maybe it fell on the floor when I danced, or maybe someone took it in my bag. I didn't have your phone number but Lejla gave it again to me. By the way how was her departure?
I already come back to Avignon tomorrow, my little holiday was to short. I'll call you then, ciao, Elisabeth.