Monday, June 05, 2006

The language

Slang is the non-standard or non-dialectal use of words in a language of a particular social group, and sometimes the creation of new words or importation of words from another language. It is a type of neologism, witch means that I can construct my own words or use words that i allready have read somewhere on the internet (like in RAP lyrics). Who wants to know more about slang (

Now something similar (likewise, related, similarly) about language and slang. The little (lil) word "LIL" means little in the slang language especially in the names of most popular rappers (like LIL KYM, LIL ROMEO..etc)
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And in some cases you can also write it with 2 "L" = lill, what means lil, litl or little.

My english is really not the best, I can write birthday with "s" (BIRTHSDAY), so what??? And now a lil massage to all blog-reader: I am really sorry for my english and I say it all time, but if this disturb you (hmmm), I really give a FUCK about it and you really don`t have to read it if you don`t want.
- next post will be about my trip to NIMES and the FERIA (OLE)...

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Martin said...

Hey ya dude,

cool ta see ya doin fine, still all cool downtown inside muros. im in da north, way colder up here, freezin my ass off at nite. but though all fresh as im with ma babe, love vibrations, fuckin romantic man!

see ya