Wednesday, June 14, 2006

someone in "da" internet let`s put some more links on the net...first up one great artist - mr. Andy Goldsworthy - take a look, than a little bit about the pyramids in my country in BOSNA I HERCEGOVINA - follow the link to the official web site of the fondation of mr. Samir Osmanagic:

than we have a really cool man who likes to prepare really interesting favorite kitchen-master of the world mr. Jamie I really don`t know why the people call him Olivers with S at the end???

So this is about few infos on the net..I have read the new book from Jamie, not all - my cute baby-girl from MAKEDONIA has send me some e-books (pages) of his new book and one photo of her (our) new dog, and it`s great (the book and the dog) people buy it!!!And Sarah darling I love your comment under your picture -

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I like this doooogy