Sunday, June 11, 2006

Journey to the subconscious

Nimes...last week I decided to move out of beauty-town Avignon and to go a lil bit out...It was my little journey to Jah.

At 13h or 1pm I was at the trainstation in Nimes...I didn`t know what means "FERIA"? OK It`s fights with a bull, but it`s such more...
People are drinking, dancing, kissing each other, smyling and doing such more things. Music was everywhere or maybe I just didn`t had time to visit all places around and in Nimes..

A really funny thing happend to me when I was visiting the ARENA - I passed by without paying, and afet some time one old man started to scream at me. He was working for the FERIA and it was one of the security-people. OK...I have to go out, but the man hold me under my hand and move very fast with me and speack very fast and very excited to me, so I understood nothing. After few door one other man stoped us and asked me who I am???I soke in english that I don`t know who this man is and why he is taking me there... Now what was the point. The man is really old and he don`t see everything clearly, so he saw me, with black shirt and my pants - I have paint on my pants with gold and other colors, so he thought that I am one of the TOREADOR who has to fight with the bull and he wanted to bring me to the room where I can put all my staff on me, not just my pants...WOW - Thanks god there was the other man - imagine me in the arena..I CAN NOT!!!
After this really interesting happaning I moved out of the Arena and took some beers in the street, speack with very interesting people, saw a lot of crazy things, crazy clothes and a lot of other crazy... but you can see it on the photos down and around this few words...

enjoy the photos (the bull-fights are not from me, they kicked me after out when they realised that I have not pay...)

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