Sunday, May 28, 2006

Somewhere in nature

Hallo (again back to MY english)...So today we decided to go out in the nature - (from right to left: Sylvan, Lucia, Maria*the new one, Lejla and me behind the camera)...and we did it :

At first we find some nice place where I had last time make my "Au revoir-party" and it was really nice, the last and this everyone did something

- eating

- drinking
- making photos and...

So, after some time and some attacks from ants we moved out in the nature, made some kilometers and turned back to a really nice place with some chairs, tables and it`s our bar :)

but the photos say more than me...

*Maria-the new is a girl from Polska ( a good friend of Lucia, really nice.. )

("Coban tjera ovcice" is a really famous song in all Balkan states...It`s a song about a sheep-keeper,
a really lovesong - but if you ever visit Bosnia ask somebody to explain you the meaning of SEVDALINKA, CEJF, SEVDAH and INAT
..if you understand this ask to explain you RAHATLUK and after you will allways stay there...)

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