Sunday, May 28, 2006


I really like a girl from Makedonija, but we don`t see us, so i decide to like somebody else here:

if YOU want to know
just what I see
look at yourself
and don't ask me
and if YOU want to know
where we're going
keep your distance
and don't follow me...

Elisabeth with "S" and not "Z" like I wrote it.
She is a really smart young lady, and she hate me a little bit - but how contingency or hazard (I am not sure) it wants I like her, so at the beginning I did some maybe "stupid" things like but I should explain:

She was not in Avignon for 2 weeks so I made a little poster for her and put it in front of her door:

Because we meet with few people in a bar I put the poster in front of her flat and gave her just the part of the poster with "TOI" - it means YOU (Welcome back, Avignon is not the same without YOU) - so she should know that this is from me. Now the poster is inside of her flat, but she still hate me a little bit. The other thing what I did was:
Watermalon...hmm :) sound strange, or not?
I took a watermalon and I put inside of the watermalon a cd with a song of Tomas Fersen (Elisabeth, fait pas la tete - means, don`t be worry with me, Elisabeth), and I gave her the watermalon...but You can see how it looks like on the photos!!!

There can be no doubt that in this world nothing is so indispensable as love - to a friend, to a familly member and particulary to an other pearson...

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