Sunday, May 28, 2006

So, let`s look the people around me -
First we have Lejla - the princess LEILA from Star-Wars here in Avignon was the first face that I saw-she was waiting for me when I arrived in Avignon. On the right side Martino, my ex-room-mate with Lejla and on the left side how I looked when I arrived here in Avignon...

Lejla is like me a "STAGER" - so something like a tourist with a lot of work :)
But it s not allways like this - we are mostly in the school of restauration...learning a lot of very interesting things (sorry again for my not "so good" english)...but let`s continue with the people around me:

The next in my list is Milenko. Milenko is actually called different but I like to call him like this but I also hink that he don`t like it - but this is published on the internet so I just protect him (Milan).He is still my room-mate.We live with 2 other people in a really big appartmant / house with kitchen and livingroom and our rooms on the sec.floor.

My other room-mate Martino is gone - you can see the details on his blog:

We all missed him and we are still missing him :) (again my great knowledge of english).This are the 3 people which are really close to me here in Avignon. So Martino my frend (friend) see you and keep going on...For all people living in Germany - Martino will be during the summertime a truckdriver, so hold on and don`t be scared to hitchike if you meet a truckdriver looking like this guy...
but ask for the name first - you never know who is on the road...
So...Shame upon him who can look on calmly, and exclaim and...I just want to say that`s all folks, so enjoy and see ya!

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