Sunday, May 28, 2006

For some isn`t "MERDE"...

Just one more - Lejla say that this book is not bad - so read IT, and I will not be payed from Stephen Clarke for this REKLAMA!!!...And I had never read this book, but I think that one day maybe I would like to... The two books of mr.Stephen Clarke (right the first-2004, and left - 2005).


andrej said...

hmm... which language to comment? english, deutsch, francais?
cher dzenka, mon petite rose magnifique, bienvenue a la blogosphere!

l'amour toujours,
andre ;-)

Selma said...

Cao...Dzeno,samo da te pozdravim,kako si mi,sladak ti je blogg,
veliki pozdrav,
Selma :)