Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Bosnian life is a unwanted mandala - part 3

The third part of my performance project has started - on 23.11.2009 between 10 am and 2 pm I have with a lot of help from Marie CASTEL and Melda EMIROGLUE build again a mandala carpet. This time there have been some new aspects - the project is developing. New artifacts have been introduce into the whole installation. My belt is placed in front of the carpet, I started to write a little text about what I felt during the process. My belt broke in 3 pieces (strange) and I have made for the first time a scratch that I placed in front of the mandala, because I changed some colors and forms, too. The responsible man for putting up the whole exhibition was really boring - and he put me in a corner.

The final performance will be hold on the last day of the exhibition (05.12.2009) - I will of course place some photos. The new thing is that I will build an urn for each mandala (for the moment they have been placed in plastic bags and each time this plastic bags with datum and place are placed somewhere near the TV / LCD). In this urn I will also place this text about how I felt during making the mandala. So here are the photos :

This mandala is a work I presented in the gallery "Collegium Artisticum" in Sarajevo during the "Revijalna izložba" exhibition organized by the association of artist of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ULUBiH). About the exhibition I found some short articles in Bosnian language and the newspaper "Oslobođenje" published the article with the photo of my performance in Zagreb (of course nobody wrote my name anywhere...) - by the way here is the link to the article - click here - and here is that image made during the Max Art Fest in Zagreb.

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Spatial thanx to Mrs. Marie CASTEL and to Mrs.Melda EMIROGLUE for helping me.

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