Monday, November 16, 2009

Mandala at the MaxArtFest in Zagreb

In October I was in Zagreb at the Max Art Fest (I wrote already about it - click here to see it) and here is the detailed version about it :

The first performance was made near Sarajevo (click here to read the post - Bosnian life is an unwanted mandala) and like the first one I started also in Zagreb with a drawing. But before I could draw it I had to transport all my materials to Zagreb (The colored sand could be a problem at the border, because it looks like a fancy new drug, but I had luck - nobody took me enough serious to search my car :)... Here are few photos about the material I drove in the back of my old Ford.

Than in Zagreb I started with my drawing (chalk on ground)

After the drawing with a lot of help from my cousin and his fiance (Robi and Tena) we made the mandala during 3 hours of intensive work and the people could watch us (during / by doing it), ask questions and it was a quite interesting experience to do it.
Special THANX to Robi and Tena...

During the construction of the mandala there was in the background a big LCD. On it the people who has not time to come back to the main act of the performance could see the first performance that I did in Nebocaj, near Sarajevo.

At 9 PM the main act begun and after a little speech of 3-5 Minutes I started to do what every human normally do if they has a carpet - I started to clean the carpet with my vacuum cleaner but this carpet is my mandala, so you can clean it only once.

In the end I put everything from the vacuum cleaner to a bag, write a name on it (the date and the place) and this will be shown with the video I made during the next exhibition where I will do my third of 28 performances. You can click on each image to enlarge it and to see it better. For futher information if needed you can also contact me via email.

The next performance will be at the end of November (26. or 27.) here in Sarajevo at the "REVIALNA IZLOĆœBA" in the gallery "Collegium Artisticum" organized by the association of artist in BiH. You are welcome to come.

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