Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Opening night - 24.12.2005

The exhibition was hold for the national holly-day (the 25th of November) - the day of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was open by the director of the gallery Strajo Krsmanović, by the director of the association of artist Irfan Hozo and by the Prime Minister of the department of Sarajevo Besim Mehmedić (if I have translate his position right - "premijer kantona Sarajevo". 108 authors were attending with over 180 works - the most were 2 dimensional.

On the photos below you can see the installation during the exhibition and on the second photo you can see the director of the association of artists Irfan Hozo during his speech and the amount of visitors behind and around him and on the last two photos you can see my installation just after building it and the try to make the TV work together with the DVD player (finally someone makes it work) .

Here you can see again some details from the installation (01. - my belt with the skretch and the name of the performance, 02. the plastics bags with the ancient mandalas that has been destroyed, 03. I put also the tools for constructing the mandala and in the back is the TV (working), where the spectators could see the videos (the performance itself) from Zagreb and Nebocaj.


Anonymous said...

it sound like a big project?

Dzenan said...

Yes it is - I think it will take me few years to realize all of them...