Friday, December 25, 2009


My Podcast (in German) - Ruben Vagabund - "der Dialektenpodcast" goes online today! With some difficulties at the beginning but it will be better.

Here the Blog - Ruben Vagabund

Here the intro jingle (made by Mahir Bajric) - click to download - link - 256Kbps MP3 or hier - OGG Vorbis (both less than 1MB).

And here is the first EP - "die Einleitung" (13MB - but the intro-jingle is bad quality - I have to recheck it why!!!)

You can also subscribe to it :

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your wizard of Avignon, aka. Dzenan SEHIC alias Ruben Vagabund!

P.S. Marry Christmas to all of you and god bless.


andre klapper said...

Herzlichen Dank. Hat Spass gemacht, zuzuhoeren.

Dzenan said...

7 Episoden kommen noch und es gibt immer weniger technischer probleme :)
ich bekomm den dreh noch raus :)

danke fuer den kommentar.