Sunday, July 23, 2006

Pyramide of the moon

The journey to the pyramid of the Moon near Visoko.

Yesterday I drove with the new road to Visoko about 25 Minutes from Sarajevo. When we arrived I was disappointment about the fact that there was NOTHING to show you the way to the pyramid, but like all tourists there we asked and everyone was really friendly to us and show as the way. This time we went to the pyramid of the Moon. There are three pyramids (the Sun, the Moon and the Dragoon). When we arrived really near we saw the first signs that the people made by their self.


First I just believed that there must be something and why not a pyramid, but when I saw this yesterday I can say there is something really big, because it’s amassing to see all this stone terrace (and it’s sure that this is made by human hand and not by nature).
But it’s also interesting that when you go up, because it’s really high the first things that you see are not so much interesting like what follow in the end of walking around the mountain (pyramid)…

So, I saw it with my own eyes and now I can talk about it. It’s true I could talk before also, but like this it’s better. And this is one of three pyramids – the pyramid of Sun is the biggest one, but Osmanagic Semir and his team with some volunteers are making the most tests on the pyramid of the Moon. On the third pyramid there is at the moment nothing (no tests). The next years will be very interesting to see what they will found and whatever is it – we all we see it when it’s done. And for me this is very interesting happening – there are a lot of tourists from all over the world.

- SO YOU SHOULD ALSO COME AND SEE IT WITH YOUR OWN EYES! and more information you can find if you click on the link (left site) - Bosnian pyramids

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