Thursday, July 27, 2006

Can`t you see that I am not more afraid


Material : Stone

Strongness: it s OK :)
Color: White yellow

Duration: since 3 days
Dimension: 35x25x15 cm

Name: Sanna and Martin

Author is of course ME!!!
Who else?

The sculpture with the name “Sanna and Martin” and the question why?

– Why not, Sanna is living in Sweden and Martin found a college there to be near her. Isn’t romantic? For me it is and stories like this are the real inspiration to make works like this and I am not more afraid to make stone sculptures with this thematic. . .

Love baby, love – is one of the most important things in the human life. And all this waiting for the right girl has make me tired, so I do my art, I write my poetry and I take my inspiration from people in love and why not friends?

And this sculpture witch I made since 3 days is not jet ready and finish, but it will be in few days –

I hope…oh yes, that’s what I hope!


Elisabeth said...

love, love...

Martin said...

you really think you got the copyright for that name darling?

but nice to be a sculpture, ill send you a photo of the image which is by now hanging in a frame above our couch here in sweden...