Tuesday, July 04, 2006


The friend where I am now is in Marseille, near center...and what happen - they broke the window to catch 2 fuc*ing CDs, so today all his plans are destroid like the window on his car.

This act describe Marseille, how I seen it.
The big city near the see is not allways like this - just when I am here :)

I am sorry for my friend, but I am still happy (just like this) - I met great people, I had a great time and the future looks vanilla; and I love vanilla. And when I am back I will post a big; big post what was few days ago.


Coco said...

Hej mr.Dzi, where R U?
we have to meat at 2 Jablana when U R back
kisses, your hot Coco

Dzenan said...

Very funny, very funny::
but yes we can drink few beers :)