Friday, July 14, 2006


Also...finally a modem witch works :)
So let s talk about what happend the last days in Avignon and here and (ueberhaupt)... :)

So...if we remembar after Lejla was gone I had few days school (one week), but the evenings were really beatyfull...Elisabeth took me to "Bartabas"...or how ever the name was. It s something like a "SPECTACLE" or CIRCUS with horses and much moooore.
It was really good and i had really fun with my "NOT"-Darling Elisabeth (not jet :) - hihi)...

Some people from school took me to the river to drink Rum with citron and PAC -
*PAC is a lemonjuice very concentrate...And in the last days in Avignon I draw on the table of Camille - she rent her flat to a man and I want to make it more funny and beautyfulllll for him (I am such a nice pearson)...

The very last days I drunk a lot of Panach and helped some friends to move in an other appartmant (it was really hot)...and that in the end in Marseille I had a very specian "NAM"-chineeeese food with my friend Jeremie...
At 17:30h my airplane goes to Saraj...with a lil stop in Milano (There we had some problems with the plain - the pilot missed the platform for landing once than second try - yes, we are alive...but whats this, hmmm - the door is broken - I thought I will miss my other airplane...afterall - Thanks GOOD I am alive and we land in Sarajevo without problems....)

And now I am happy because I have change my modem and I can now make new posts on my blog :) hihi - slowly but it works. BIG KISS

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