Monday, July 17, 2006

My CAT isn t death

I thougt when I came home that my very old cat "Macak / Gagi / Garfild" is not more alive...but he is imortal!!!On the first foto you can see my dog "Bobi", one white cat - the last girlfriend of Garfild witch is standing on the house near my tants hotel - witch you can see on the second picture. . . you can also see on the foto the "Cocta" (for more information see on : also ) - the better solution of Coca-Cola from Slovenian people..
I make my sculptures there and if you click on the foto to see it bigger you can see some sculptures of me hanging on the house under Garfild (the cat with really 9 lifes).

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Anonymous said...

Your Cat don` t look really alive! S