Wednesday, December 09, 2015

the real runaway

While my hand move over my « moustache » and while I write, once in a while I look up to the quite big painting in front of me. It is one of two I have in my studio. From now in one year’s time (or so) they have to be finished and shown to public in a also quite huge cathedral (where they belong to). One of the things I do in the so called life is conservation and restoration of paintings and art objects.
The one I look at, is quite a challenge and there are two of them. I actually could be « smart » and pay someone to do it for less then what I charge for the job, but it would not be the real thing, not what I would like to be and in the end I would redo whatever the other one has done. So the real runaway is not the smart one, it is not the easy one, but it is the fucking awesome one. It is the old school one, the for remember one, the not one hit wonder one, the gentleman alike one, the L.O.V.E. one, the dude one, the real one - if you get my point.

Since I started this blog in the very old past once time ago - my English was worse (it still sucks but it get better) - I wrote about everything that was on my mind, than it became something like an art blog, than there was this big break and since a little while I try to be regular again. It is a mix of everything. Art - poetry, nothing, or something, private stuff and actually who cares - once I stop to care I got the fun back to blog and to do this and I will do it as long it makes fun.

I do not try to be deep, to reach out someone, I even do not care (so why don’t you write a journal and let the world alone you might ask - quite easy, I do write a journal and I like to blog and here on the ether there are so many people like me writing stuff down, so who cares?).

To the conclusion of this abstract of nothingness - the real runaway is everything that makes you happy and take time to enjoy it and the most important be aware of it…Otherwise it is like having sex and looking at your phone at the same time - but this is my French theory about life if you get my catch ;)


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