Wednesday, December 23, 2015

the god complex

Once a while in the old past I was a student of art (if I can put it that way). There were friends, teachers (so called professors) and there was I, a beginner, a small someone or no-one in a mass of others and I did not even bother to try to fit in. I was never the shy one and I always tell straight what I think (not the best diplomatic or smartest thing to do) and since I do not take myself very serious I got this image going that I am arrogant. I go with friends to a gallery and do not like what I saw, so I say that’s shit.

Two of my friends made some kind of « intervention » and with a cup of tee, told me what they think of me - that I have a god complex and that I think that I am the center of the universe.

Than some times later I compared a work of mine with a work of Michelangelo and my so called « teacher » called me in (again an intervention???) and told me that I do not have the right to write such things and that I have to rewrite my stuff and do it as the good students do it (meaning copy paste stuff from the library or internet and having no conclusion).

Did I bother to get upset - actually I did and than it was one of these smart days I just thought « so be it ». But to get the whole picture we have to re-read and know something more about this two situations. The first one - what is a god complex especially to someone who believes in energy, but not in god and why, why, why do I have to like something just because it is in a gallery. And is there not the possibility that I might be even right and that this stuff hanging there was just bullshit? I mean I do a lot of stuff (art-or not works, poetry :), this bog, a podcast once and soon an other, writing books) and I do it because I like to do it and what if someone think that this is all just lame, zero, looser stuff, shit, bull shit, dog shit or any other excrement alike waste of time - so what? It just means that this person has an other taste than me - he or she or both can say it, write it down - that’s all the point of having an opinion, of free speech and of taste. Please, a 22 years old student speaking of god complex to someone who he call friend just because he do not like the same thing as he (or she, or both) - please.

And to the Michelangelo complex - My so called teacher (rest in peace since than) should have spoke to me in a actually quite useful method called pedagogy and ask me what is the point and have I just put the context in a wrong way? I have re-read my stuff and I think he just did not bother to re-read it if even read it till the end, since I actually never compared myself directly nor MY OWN WORK to the one Michelangelo, but the fact how the system works and how when once in the far older past Michelangelo finished his David and they put it in the center of the city people wrote notes and put it on the sculpture (good as bad ones) and for that moment in the time it was contemporary art and it was judged by people with their own opinions. For some it was a master piece, for others it was blasphemy and porn and till than we do not have change - we still have opinions and still are aloud to like or dislike stuff.

So do I have a god complex and a center of universe complex? Do I bother? A little advice to all of you - do what you like and do it for the good reasons and be happy, the so called time is to short to think about stuff someone tell you, get a grip on your own and do YOUR STUFF and so be it…


post scriptum - do I bother if the photos I redo in photoshop are crap or not? I just like to do it (and by the way if not particularly different mentioned all photos are taken by me and are so under the copyright  license - you can find the link on the right side of this blog).   

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