Tuesday, November 24, 2015

unusual person that makes me feel some kind of unusual

this photo was taken in a public toilette in France (real human size on the "pissing wall")

Have you noticed that I very often use words, phrases or titles from movies and songs? this one for example is from the movie I would put on my very own top ten list "Pump up the volume". 

So what have this shark (trying to bite the bacon) to do with the unusual person that makes me  some kind of unusual especially in a public toilette in France? 

That is just that kind of question we have to ask ourselves once in a while to survive this dimension in witch we live pretending to be someone, somewhere and almost to fit in and to get accepted. I for my part speaking of witch give a shit about all that - once you do your own thing and do not bother with getting accepted or fitting in - you actually at that point start to do something and to become someone and it is (for me at least) the best way to getting trough this dimension we call life. 

That was deep (if you get the catch) ;)

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