Friday, December 11, 2015

everybody knows

Almost Christmas people and what is the real meaning of it?

It is art!

No, no, no not the painting one, nor the musical one, nor the art conceptual one - it is the art of preparing a really good Christmas meal. You might found this photo of my neighbor holding this dead bird disgusting, but believe me or not this bird have had a happy life compared to the poor bastards you eat at fast food chains or frozen to second death in your Malls and mega ultra super stores. This one was once a little bird, jumping happily around an organic farm with all his little friends, protected by dogs against the evil of the woods and have been fed very generously by lovely farmers counting the days. But you might know a birds day is quite longer than a human one.  A happy meals life. Than there comes Christmas, the day become shorter, the night longer and it is cold outside. One morning it was the end and a beginning - depend of who we are talking about - the bird or the farmer?

Writing like that you might think that I am against meat but quite not. I eat everything (at least I can try it), but what I am trying to say is that the way of presentation is more important that the real thing behind. This bird in real was held on a organic farm, fed with normal food (no antibiotics and no energy food), have seen the sun, have smell the air and the grass, have not been overfeed with long plastic tubes putting in their mouth and have life longer than any supermarket bird you can buy. But this man, the farmer do not make profit out of it, he do not have millions of birds but 6 and he know them by name. Is it cruel to let's call it sacrifice them for a meal? You might think what you want, you are free to do so - I for myself would never buy a supermarket one and I prefer a tomato more than meat, but who can say if the red from a tomato plant is not just his way of bleeding out and it is crying while I am cutting it or not at all? That's the way nature made us and post scriptum I still like playing with photoshop - the red filter just goes well with all that Christmas thing ;)

have a nice meal

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