Friday, March 18, 2016

opa bato

21 x 34 cm (the hole not the painting)
And everyone who steps by the studio /reaction/(and you can really repair this????) and if we think more global for one second? we are sending things and people in the space (mostly junk), we are splitting atoms and more, we can make energy of "nothing", we can replace a heart, liver (almost brain - unfortunately not before the USA elections - if you get my point). And people ask me if I can fill a hole in that painting and make it invisible? Yes I can - why else would I bother and bring a 5m2 big painting with a huge hole to my studio? It is big and so we might think that is difficult. It is just a long journey to go and a little bit boring, since before and after takes to much time, but it is just routine. The real question should be: "how much does it cost?".   


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