Saturday, April 07, 2007

Mademoiselle d´Avignon et moi

One hundred years later I am standing on the same streets were Picasso was walking when he was in Avignon searching for love. Over one hundred and fifty years later I feels the Mistral on the same streets were van Gogh was once fighting with his daemons and searching for the eternal sun or simply one apsint more. Who knows?

If I don’t write why I made this little painting I am sure all of you will see only what is in yourself and never what I paint and why?

2 People, one combat fish with the name Bob Harris and an other one with the name Bob Valey, the stars and few cloths with each of them an own history and a meaning, but if you forget all this, than what is this that you see looking at this painting?

Ask yourself and what you see is what you feel and be sure it is not about my painting!


andy said...

I see you are inspired by Picasso??? Am I right?

Dzenan said...

Picasso was few month in Avignon!

Van Goghs first hospital was in Avignon where they have to check me for the "carte de sejour" - sooo yes my friend I start to love this little town and the influence to my artworks that it has!!! ;)

the reponse is surely YES!!!