Saturday, April 07, 2007

Evolution of works

Brancusi said once: «WORK LIKE A SLAVE, THINK LIKE A GOD AND BEE A HUMAN» and this he understood of being artist!

If we are really good in our jobs, we will bee seen like gods, for it we will have to work mostly like slaves and there would never bee the time to be human, or let’s say the today’s´ normal human been, than who of us has the time and the nerves to think like a god?

This is the difference between the people who reach the ALL BLUE and the others, the one who has what it needs and the others and the people who find their own way and the others (they just follow). Now ask yourself – Are you a follower? Everyone is capable to be a leader and everyone can be as good in art as Michelangelo was, but not everyone can sacrifice what it needs to lead and to be at the top of the Olympus.

In every man’s / woman’s life there are few moments of change and when they get the feeling of doing the right and of being capable to do everything they want to, but few moments later they start to ask their selves and not to be sure of decision they made. Let me say you one:

Your decision is like an art-work, performance or an idea - IT CAN EVOLUATE AND TRANSFORM, but you have to know that the different between you and the top ten are the moments of self-doubts that you have after starting living your decision.

Here is a little advice that I devoting to a friend who will go once he finishes his being on earth to Valhalla:

- Don’t bother yourself with self-doubts, once we make our decision we can transform it, it will evaluate without our influence, the only thing we have to do is to swim with the river, the trend, the current, the flow or the loop and not against it, because whatever we do there will be relaxed situation without moving and there will be riptides and mostly we cannot escape and if you cannot beet it, join it and see what is happening next and never forget to enjoy the ride you decided to take!


*the new name for the little work is my “petite” Marie and me


martin said...

you decide, you change your mind, you decide to stick to a decision n still you could never decide what you will feel or what might happen to you an your plans. and still they have to be made. decisions.

Dzenan said...

You decide - once you have make this step you live with it, than the decision transform, grow up with you, maybe than it seems like you change the way you started, but it s not, than if you haven t choose to go in this direction, you could never stop and try to go back - the point is in not asking what if we have choose long time ago (because if we have not, damn it! keep moving and everything else) ;)

P.S. Decision can happen - trow a "coin" next time - Head means always YES ;)

andy said...

In my opinion you have also to decide to trow a piece of money, it means that you will accept the decision and this is already also a decision...

andy said...

and P.S. I agree with martin
the decision still have to be made.

jamie said...

like this go ahed finally neverending comments

everything could be a decision - breathe or not?

but trowing a coin change you, than you decide to accept the decision without making it.

I think you are all right and wrong ;)

Elisabeth said...

Most of the time we think we lead our lives but there are so many influences which push us into several directions that making a real decision is a challenge... But there are a few things we really choose to do and they're the most important.

Dzenan said...

@ elisabeth

If there is such many influence than do we really choose anything???
Or do whatever we choose will kick us maybe in other direction??

In this case it would be more like "russian roulet" than a challenge???
I guess ;)

Beside all hope you R well!

Elisabeth said...

I'm fine thank you, (better than i thought i'd be in fact), n i'm not watching DSHW anymore so everything's ok now... ;)