Thursday, March 29, 2007

You cannot save the world without saving yourself first

You can save the world and keep going to school – nobody will mention it ever, because no one will know it!

You can save yourself and become the hero you always wanted to be, because everybody want to become like you!

The beginning of the universe started with a little light in a big darkness, what do you think why do we need millions of printed pages to explain this sentence – only what you have to do is to believe! Then the truth is not someone out there it is in you!

Do you need a brain surgery to recognize that you have a brain??

Last days I saw the early works from David Lunch (you can download it here / Eraserhead here) and let me say once: You cannot save the world without saving yourself first!

*The aquarell (first I ever made) is my soulmate Marie Castel ;)


jamie said...

soulmate - very nice

MILVUS said...

to recognize the real self first you have to get rid of the image that you have of yourself, EGO, and then to understand the emptiness, then you will not need to know yourself o enyody or enything, you'll be just happy.

andy said...

@ milvus - I guess you read budism books but this is to romantic to be like you said, or do you need nothing?

MILVUS said...

it is just said in a simple way, words are simple, deeds are not, JUST DO IT!!!

Dzenan said...

If you just DO IT than DEEDs becomes simple, too!