Sunday, March 04, 2007

Can we - asking in progress?

Can we do the right thing? Can we choose between what is good and what is bad? Or do we actually choose what we like and not what really matters? Do we feel what we want? Do we want what we feel? And are we happy when we choose? And do we think we did the right thing? Can we live without lying? And can we spend our life without lying ourselves? Can we stop thinking how it would be when it would be? Can we accept the fact that we really don’t know? And can we accept the fact that not everyone is good? And if we accept that fact than can we live with it without asking ourselves where we belong?

Can an Artist imitate the life? Or do he only what the life wants, because he is a part of it, if he is? Can an artist create life with his works? Is art life? Is an artist a human being like you and me? Are we all the same? And if yes can we life like this? And if not can we life with the fact that some of us are better? And if there is better or worse, than who can decide what is better? And how we know that he is right?

Can you live without asking yourself billions of things and do you think that you can live without?

*the painting (pastel) Marie and words - made few days ago!


man in the iron mask said...

Can we really understand you?

magdalene-sophie said...

haha, to man in the iron mask. so mean. heh :P

anyway, i like this post :)

andy said...

A lot of questions! But should we really ask ourselves all this?

P.S. I like the post, too and the painting.

Dzenan said...

Could we really want to understand me?? ;)

Elisabeth said...

Happy birthday to yoooouuuuu
Happy birthday to youoouuuuu
Happy biiiirthday to yooououu
Haaappyyy biiirthday toooo yoooouuu

Martin said...


"billions" is maybe too much.