Thursday, March 01, 2007

The life was his art

Underlying should the art be something positive. Something going under the brain, between the skin and the whole world around us, it should feels good! It should be the firs kiss, the dream of a summer night and it should drive you crazy! There are people outside that you can shock easily, others never, but the life will always find the way to shock and to make the people happy. So when we (the artist) imitate the life than we have the choice – Are we the part of life that just try to scare, shock and make people sad, feels bad and try to forget and never feel this way or are we more the unforgotten artist try to show to the world the life can be so fine, that every morning we can be what we ever want to be, because actually we mostly already are…We can explain like Buddha did, that everything happens because it is the way to reach something much more positive…

This art-work is a Picasso-lady looking on the 21st century and being ARIVVA and happy to see the artist of the 21st century, the Artist King, McDreamy and the one who will never give up the art, because the art will never give up him! You have to fight for what you want and not against!

!Positive via "GOIN` UP" and join the skycaptain!


MILVUS said...

I mean you have such a conservative and old fashioned vision of ART, that Artists imitate Life, it is simply not true Artist produce Life, ideas, memories, situations, thoughts, feelings, emotions.
Artist is not a copy cat of God or Nature, that’s such a medieval way of thinking this 21st century, cyber man.

Dzenan said...

in the medieval the Artist wanted actually to be godlike, to have their own visions and just to create...
And actually also in some countries today is not the 21st century.

You could also see it like this, we as a part of the life or of the nature are only a tool to transform something in some other orms..

Cyber ( :) funny to say this) the electromagnetism exit longer than we, we just start to learn how to use it - some animals had use a lot of things before us - we (inspiritated by the nature) try to explain it and to be something indipendent of life - but this is actually the biggest imitation of life - to be different, indipendent, free - why? easy, to feel, to have some emotions or just to live...

We cannot made anything that the nature could not make better* life has his own way - chaos theory!

Sorry man to destroy your dreams
Your McDreamy

jamie said...

Why are you calling yourself McDreamy???

And I think that humans imitate allways! Even if they just imitate other humans!

man in the iron mask said...

Hey dzennan
who is the skycaptain?Is it from the film the skycaptain and the world of tom...? and why McDreamy - you didnot answer jamie? Are looking too much G´s A??

This work that you pictured - have you made this in the academy of fine arts??

@ jamie - are you the cook, because your link folows to the jamieoliver site???

@ milvus - I would not say conservative - he said McDreamy - it s a poetic vision of ART that he would like to live or he do!

But like van Gogh said - "..Theo you are the real artist.." - why? Artist don t produce life, they just make new points of view..the real life makes the parents, the moms and dads in this crapy world!!!

Dzenan said...

McDreamy is because I am :)

@ mitim (man in the iron mask)
Jamie s not the cook, but he like to use the cooks adress :) sound wired?!?!?!

what is G´s A??? and it s not skycaptain and the world of.. but I liked the film - and I don t know why...
About what I think about the vision of art - I just posted a new post - so check it out!