Sunday, March 18, 2007

Do we aim for anything right???

Basis of the human life is mostly asking questions. Man perhaps lived once upon a time, but evolution however took him up to the perfection of existence, supremacy over all living creatures of this small planet we inhabit and thereby initiated the circle of one purpose only, the purpose of its own destruction in order to start living again in some other form and not asking yourself so many question.

Indeed, there are people who are only living, whose questions, if asked, are basically consisted of larger percent of reply itself and the message within the question, far less they question something that nobody will ever conceive without meaningless ???????? reply makes the person asking even more miserable than he or she already is. Romanticized, poetic perception of those people are gypsies, nomads and Don Quixote in a way, even though the real freedom of living without asking, constant searching and enjoying the same belongs exclusively to artists. We have the freedom to have the answers we offer be spitted and absolutely denied without ever stop offering those answered, for still, sooner or later people come who understand the offered and become satisfied with the illusion we use in order to explain constant questions.

It is said that the largest mysteries we will never perceive are soul, god and love and I will hereby offer one solution that you can erase from your memory the moment you read it, solution that you can belittle, agree with or totally reject it and repulsively ask your self why have you read this. However if you have reached this point, than I guarantee you that this sentence is your last chance to stop reading for the following few lines may open your eyes wider than you have ever imagined or may close them forever, redirect them, but you will not whatsoever stop reading this until you reach the last full stop and my name behind it!

Soul, god and love are so called mysteries tried to be found out and perceived for as long as there is need for perception, understanding and asking questions. Many books were written, many kilometers and generations of forests and virgin forests had to kneel down before human need to explain, understand, explore, question and spread what was found out, but the answers, i.e. perception of these so called mysteries can be written on the palm of a hand. First thing is first, people are afraid of all unknown, and very few people are afraid of love, own soul or god, even though god is all-mighty, love is universal and soul is a piece of god and of love. God is all we aspire to, what we saw shall crop up, as learned through centuries, if towards evil we aim, evil shall find us, because, ultimately, we all exist and ask the same and want to be happy forever, and the happiest we are when give and receive love, therefore, love is also something we aim for, we pursue for, something that will fill us with joy and calm our soul which is pursuing, rebelling and only wants to be what it is, not what others expect it to be, or said differently, as soul is what makes us who we are, we are the soul and we are the happiest when we do not pretend, therefore, soul is also something we aim for, because when we become who we are, we become happy, we find god, we grant and accept love except asking ourselves million questions a day, it is quite enough to be who we are, to accept what is offered to us and to live, as sometimes you do not need to destroy everything to start all over again. We artists know this the best!!!

* every day thousand kilometers forest has to die to give to the humans something they can read on the toilet, they change nothing, the information they get change nothing, millions of any valuation get printed to pay the information that will reach our warm homes and every morning when we sit on the toilets we kill few centimeters of a forest that once we will need much more than the newspapers and catalogues we read, the toilet paper we use, money we pay and money we get to buy more toilet paper and to read more CNN/BBC culture (see the world with our eyes – manipulation and big brother on every printed site)!


Anonymous said...

We all will die or not! who cares in a world without life?

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