Sunday, November 01, 2015

ART IS.... is ART?

To take it simple...

Go to a gallery, museum, studio, hotel-motel, train-station, on the street or anywhere else....
Ask yourself what the f*** -  what is this (WHATEVER)  is in front of you?
So that's art or someone throw something just away!

If there is a name (means signature) it must be art, otherwise it is just historical evidence or vandalism.

By definition (old one) - art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

They forgot  producing works to express some deep emotions or a statement for/against something.

 Today it is much simpler:
Art is what sells (the name, no matter what you do) or what is completely rejected, shocking, disturbing and so on (the list is endless).

To be honest (speaking for myself) Art is a way of expression, of understanding, of concept, hard work and fun and Art is actually whatever pleases you (YOU) no matter what other people may think. Why do we have to put it in a cube, define it and invent meanings and rules relevant to the time we live in and to examine it and to judge it???Why? Because if it is just simply liked by some people that have other taste than some other people it becomes as the word say itself - SIMPLE. Even to simple, so if it is simple it is no more serious and than it sell less. And guess what - the so called masterpieces from today where garbage in the old past (best example the "mad" painter from the Netherlands who cut of a piece of his ear, have sold only one painting for 200 francs (around todays 100$) in his entire life and today we can see his paintings everywhere and on auctions they sell much more than 100 bucks)...

So think whatever makes you comfortable, but for me art critics are completely useless as much as art definitions, but looking at the other point of view without them and human different taste in whatsoever even I could be an artist and everybody else.

post scriptum : by definition I am actually an artist and so told and written down by my school papers. But by my work - hmmmm ;)  

the image is from the site ARTLEX ON ART with quite a nice explanation...



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