Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Artist King and his Naka

As known we all have dreams that we lose on our way to the "ALL BLUE" (Heaven, Paradise, The End or however you choose to call the end of the life we use to live right now). On the way to there we find some Nakama (Japanese word for someone who follow you, a friend or a companion). Even if we where fighting all the time they can still be our friends and people who will tell the story of us once we have rich the "ALL BLUE" and leave the grand line behind us.

And it is funny but sometimes we have to fight to understand that we actually go in the same direction and this is not because it s the only way we can go - it s because we have choose to go that way. And at this point we have made our decision and it s not important when will we reach the ALL BLUE as long as we are trying and not forgetting our dreams.

One day I will become an immortal fighter for art ("LOL"), searching for the truth and the one ideal form to explain the most livable emotion that we have once long time ago split into so many emotions like love, pain, freedom, anger, friendship... agony and ecstasy.


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